Play Aztec Treasure online

Logo Aztec TreasureAztec Treasure is something that has been searched for for centuries, as explorers and online casino players alike have looked for riches from the Central American empire. This game theme implies that you might have the possibility to win a lot. Thisarticle will dive into this question. Further, in this slot game, players continue the tradition to getting rich by hitting the reels and hoping for big payouts with symbols from one of the world’s great civilizations. This review of Aztec Treasure, find out just what to expect when you hunt for your own piece of treasure. Further, get the chance to claim a very nice promotional offer that you don`t want to miss out.

Treasure symbols

This game features five reels and up to 25 paylines, with many of the symbols in the game living up to the game’s name by being actual pieces of Aztec treasure. With golden idols and ancient jewelry, it is clear that this game knows you are on the hunt for some glamourous items to take home. Here is a rundown of the symbols that can be expected when playing Aztec Treasure.

Aztec Treasure Ingame

  • Golden idol
  • Golden monkey
  • Headdress
  • Aztec calendar
  • Golden sun
  • Card value symbols (Jack/Queen/King/Ace)
  • Scatter symbol
  • Bonus symbol

Without a doubt the slot Aztec Treasure is great and if you want to play it you can do it here.

Dragon Scatters

The dragon, with the word scatter written over the top of it, is the scatter symbol in Aztec Treasure. And this symbol can be quite lucrative if enough of them show up in a given spin. Three or more scatters are required to form a win on a spin, with three dragons yielding a 50x win, four dragons resulting in a 125x win, and five dragons prompting a lucrative 250x win.

Unfortunately, while those winnings are certainly nice, the scatter symbol does not prompt a bonus round or free spins or anything else of interest. But there is a separate bonus symbol to make up for that partially.

Aztec bonus

There is a bonus symbol in this game, which is an Aztec pyramid with the word bonus written over the top of it. Those symbols, when shown in great enough frequency, can trigger a bonus that players are sure to enjoy. However, the game is a little vague on how the bonus works within the game’s paytable, which is supposed to explain all of the symbols so that even the most casual player can understand. That is a glaring omission by the creators of this game.

You will notice, by the way, that there has been no mention of a wild symbol in Aztec Treasure. That is because there isn’t a wild symbol to be had in the game. That is another huge omission by the creators of the game, as players are robbed of the opportunity to form additional winning combinations with those symbols.

Tips and tricks and conclusion

It is recommended to play the slot free before investing real cash into it. This is especially true of Aztec Treasure based on the fact that the game doesn’t have wild symbols, and is vague about how its bonus symbols work. Figuring those things out before pouring real dough into the game is the smartest move possible. Aztec Treasure looks good for another Aztec-themed game, but a vague paytable combined with a lack of wilds stop it from reaching its true potential.