Play B-Boy’s Street online

Logo B-Boy's StreetB-Boy’s Street is an online slot game that really leans into the culture of old-school hip-hop. With graffiti and break dancing making up huge parts of the culture that at times transcended the music itself, this five reel, 20 payline game is great for players who want to relive the golden age of the art form. In this review of B-Boy’s Street, find out just what to expect when you take this trip down memory lane. The detailled review starts with information about the symbols you should hope for. After that you will see a promotional offer that most player`s wouldnt want to miss. And at the end of this review you will see information about tips and tricks.

Sick symbols

The symbols in B-Boy’s Street are all related to the old school hip-hop pillars of break dancing, graffiti and others that relate to the genre. This is a much different look than the standard fruit machine or commonly themed game, and makes for a much more fun experience from start to finish. Here is a look at the symbols players can land on when they play B-Boy’s Street.

  • Sneaker – wild
  • Headphones – free spins
  • Paint can
  • Graffiti artist
  • Break dancing cap
  • Card value symbols (Jack/Queen/King/Ace)

B-Boy's Street Ingame

Every symbol in this game matches the motif of the game, with blotches of spray paint sitting behind the symbol or other things to make them more aesthetically fitting. Even the card value symbols, normally not the most fun to look at, are done in a graffiti font that makes them stand out in a positive way.

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Wild kicks

Sneakers and hip-hop are inextricably linked, with the culture of the genre of music going so well with the sneaker game that has surrounded it. For players of B-Boy’s Street, sneakers mean wilds, which substitute for any symbol on the board with the exception of the free spins symbol. Five of these wilds across one payline means a 7500x win too, which would be more than enough to buy some new shoes yourself.

Free spins and sweet beats

Above all else, hip-hop culture is about the music, and that makes it fitting that the headphone symbol is what allows players to rack up free spins during this game. Also serving as the game’s scatter symbol, three or more of these allows players 15 free spins. If they land on a payline, there is the potential for additional cash, but the key here is the fact that there is a chance to spin over and over again for free.

B-Boy’s Street tips and tricks

One of the most important pieces of advice that can be dished out for this game is to turn your volume on while you play it, at least long enough to hear the music playing in the background. With the game following a hip-hop theme, there is a nice beat that backs the action, which is worth checking out. Also, play the slot for free before trying it for real money to see if you like the look and feel of it.

The summary

If nothing else, B-Boy’s Street takes some risks and tries some things to make itself more interesting for slot players. It looks very cool, and has a solid soundtrack behind it. Combined with the chance to win free spins and via wilds, this game is anything but wack.