Play Babushkas online

Logo BabushkasBabushkas is a unique online slot game that sees casino players spin their reels with the hope of landing matching Russian nesting dolls. With five reels and 17 paylines, this game definitely brings an interesting presentation to online slots with plenty of interesting symbols to go with that presentation. But, word is on the street that there aren`t many bonus rounds. Is that true? Well, just read this article and you will find that information in a minute. In this review of Babushkas, find out everything you need to know about the game before you start playing. But it doesn`t end there. You will also see a great promotional offer that you don`t want to miss. So without further ado let`s start right away.

Nesting symbols

The nesting doll symbol idea is so interesting, as players hope to line up the bigger of the nesting dolls for more lucrative winning combinations. Of course, there are wilds and additional symbols that are more desirable, as this rundown of the symbols within the game will showcase.

  • Wild symbol
  • Wild with star – wild mystery feature
  • Nesting doll symbols

Babushkas Ingame

There are several different nesting doll symbols that are worth different amounts, but the keys here are the wild symbols, which have different meanings depending on whether or not they are mystery wilds. You’ll also notice that this game isn’t filled with card value symbols or anything that could be seen as filler.

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Wild dolls

There are two different wild symbols to contend with here, both of which mean something different. The regular wild symbols appear on the third reel and substitute for other symbols on the board, excluding other wilds. Meanwhile, mystery wilds are where the action really gets interesting, as they can mean multiple things.

Mystery wilds can have several different outcomes. The first of those outcomes is the scare bear, which upgrades the value of the least valuable symbols by one, two, or three levels depending on which size scare bear appears. Next is the charm bear, which upgrades all symbols by one level. Finally, there is the dance bear, which awards seven free spins. During the free spins, a new wild egg will appear on reel three to increase the chances of something extraordinary happening.

This game doesn’t feature a bonus round, but it does feature a wipe feature that upgrades all symbols by one level when all 15 symbols on the board are the game. While most games stick by the traditional slot staples of bonus rounds and scatters, Babushkas has proven that it is by no means afraid to challenge those boundaries.

Babushkas tips and tricks

When it comes to Babushkas, the best tip there is would be to play the slot free before getting started with the game for real cash. The game is so different from other slots games between the presentation and the fact that there are so many symbol upgrades that it is worth taking a pass at the game to figure it out before going in for real cash. Additionally, making sure that the odd number of paylines suits you is recommended.

Babushkas summary

Babushkas is one of the more interesting slot offerings out there right now, with plenty of twists to keep players interested throughout their time playing the game. It may not be for everyone, but players looking for a change from the regular slot routine will have fun with this one.