Play Bankroll Reload online

Logo Bankroll ReloadBankroll Reload looks like the old-school slot games that players are used to seeing in a physical casino, with sevens, bars and other retro symbols as a huge part of this offering. So maybe some players will experience nostalgic feelings and hopefully they will win. Without all of the paylines or bells and whistles that most slot games offer these days, online slot players will enjoy a straightforward experience at the slots in this instance, because of it`s basic theme. But that does not mean that it is not entertaining. This can`t be further from the truth. In this review of Bankroll Reload, find out what symbols and payouts to expect when playing the game. Also, the article shows you a nice bonus offer.

Bankroll Reloading symbols

There aren’t a ton of symbols to remember when it comes to playing Bankroll Reload, and most of them certainly don’t get complicated on a spin to spin basis. But players should be excited to see the sevens, bars, stars, and other simplistic symbols here. Below is a list of all of the symbols that you can expect when playing Bankroll Reload.

Bankroll Reload Ingame

  • Seven with bells – wild symbol
  • Stars
  • Triple bar
  • Double bar
  • Single bar
  • Rolls of cash

As you can see, there is only one special symbol, with the seven symbol being wild. Everything else is a regular symbol that simply requires matching along one of the game’s paylines. This means that there are no scatter symbols or bonus rounds, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing given the retro nature of the game.

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Sevens are Wild

The aforementioned seven symbol is the wild symbol for this game, and it matches any other symbol on the board to create the most profitable possible winning combination. Of course, the most profitable winning combinations in this game are from the wild symbols themselves. Lining up those symbols means a payout of up to 6,000 coins, which is by far the biggest win that is possible in the paytable.

Elsewhere, the biggest winning combinations that are available come from lining up three stars along a payline. That combination can produce 200 coins, which would be a lucrative win in its own right. Bar combinations and cash rolls create smaller wins, but they create wins nonetheless.

Bankroll Reload tips and tricks

The most important piece of advice that can be offered for this game is to play the slot free before investing cash into it. With a game being as simplistic as this one is, it might not be for everybody. Therefore, it is advised that players find out if it is something that will keep them entertained before putting hard-earned money into it.

Also, once playing for cash, players should adjust their bet amounts to find a level that works for them. This is not a game where the number of paylines can be adjusted radically, so adjusting bet amounts will come almost solely from adjusting the bet amount. Don’t be afraid to do that to spice up the game and make it work for your individual bankroll.

Bankroll Reload is a fun game for players who don’t mind a more simplistic online slot experience. If you are someone who doesn’t need every game to have bonus rounds and flashy additions, this could be a good addition to your collection of favorites.