Play Basic Instinct online

Logo Basic InstinctBasic Instinct is a famous film, although it could be infamous in your eyes depending on your thoughts on the memorable scene of Sharon Stone being interrogated. Now Basic Instinct has gone from the big screen to any screen you play your online slot games on, as casino players can take to the reels in search of movie-themed symbols and the chance to earn a payout more memorable than the film itself. In this review of the Basic Instinct slot game, find out what to expect when you sit down to play.

Basic symbols

This game touts having 243 ways to win, with the biggest of those ways to win stemming from the different Sharon Stone stacked symbols that appear throughout the game. There are also some symbols related to the film like a black car and gun, as well as the dreaded card value symbols that always manage to take just a little something away from the rest of the game. Regardless, here is a list of the symbols that are in play at Basic Instinct.

  • Bonus Wild
  • Free Spins
  • Wild Drop
  • Ice pick
  • Police badge
  • Gun
  • Handcuffs
  • Black car
  • Card value symbols

Basic Instinct Ingame

If you want to take the chance and win a nice price, you can try your luck here.

Bonus Wilds

The bonus wild symbol features Sharon Stone in her famous white getup from the scene that this movie is best known for. As far as this game is concerned, though, this symbol is very interesting in its own right. If the entire bonus wild symbol shows up across the three rows in its respective reel, the bonus wild feature activates. If only part of the symbol shows itself, then the part that has stayed on the reel just becomes a wild.

Sharon’s free spins

Just like the bonus wilds feature, the free spins feature requires all of the symbol to remain on the reels for it to actually be worth some free spins. Otherwise, the symbols that did make it onto the reels will just be wilds. As for the amount of free spins that come from the free spins symbol, that is anybody’s guess as they seem to be assigned at random. As expected from a Basic Instinct game, there is a little suspense to be found here.

Wild drops

The wild drop symbol sees the wild drop symbol move down a space while the rest of the reels respin. This could mean some major winning combinations after the first spin, as the wild drop symbol turns wind if the rest of the symbol doesn’t make its way back onto the reels.

Basic Instinct tips and tricks

The most important piece of advice for this game is to not get too preoccupied enjoying the presence of Sharon Stone. Focus is important in slots to say the least. Also, play the slot for free before going at it for cash, to make sure you like what Basic Instinct has to offer. If you were a fan of Basic Instinct, you should enjoy this game, which has most of the iconic action from Sharon Stone from the movie. At the very least, some cool stacked wild features should entertain most players.