Play Basketball online

Logo Basketball“Magic” Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and of course Michael Jordan. There are many great players that have entertained people all over the world. The success of the sport is no surprise. Basketball is a one of a kind sport that rewards teamwork and dedication, which appeals to many people, not only sports fans. Slots on the other hand, are an individual pursuit. But both involve players who want to make as much money as they possibly can, and that is where the harmony resides in the online slot game Basketball. With basketball-related imagery all over the game, this is a trip to the court that shouldn’t be missed. In this review, find out what casino players should know about Basketball.

Scoring symbols

As one would expect in a game dedicated to basketball, there are a lot of symbols and images that look like they are straight out of a basketball game. In this particular slot, there are uniforms with card values on them, team logos, and other symbols that look like they are straight out of an arena. Here is a rundown of the symbols that are available in the Basketball slots game.

Basketball Ingame

  • Scatter symbol
  • Wild symbol
  • Team logos
  • Card value jerseys

Card value symbols aren’t always the most creative way to add to a list of symbols in a game, but credit goes to Basketball for finding a way to make those symbols match the motif of the game overall, which isn’t always easy to do.

Without a doubt the slot Basketball is great and if you want to play it you can do it here.

Playing Wildly

Basketball is all about controlled aggression, but in this slot game there are plenty of reasons to get a little wild. The wild symbol in this game is a basketball hoop with the word wild running across it. These symbols reward players by substituting in for any symbol along the game’s 20 paylines to form a winning combination with the exception of the scatter symbol. And if a wild does not yield a winning combination, it becomes a sticky wild and triggers a respin. So, just like a bad team tanking its way to the top of the NBA Draft, even when you lose with a wild there is a chance to win.

Scattering and swishing

The scatter symbol in this game is an image of a basketball that says scatter below it. These symbols have the ability to trigger free spins, as long as three or more of them show up on the game’s five reels at a given time. The nice thing about scatters is that they do not need to arrive on a single payline, which is a huge break. If three or more scatters are present, the result of that combination is eight free spins.

Basketball tips and tricks

Practicing your form and staying on top of your conditioning are great tips for real basketball, but they aren’t of much help in this game. Instead, be sure to play the slot free before going to play for cash. Just like picking a team to play for in basketball, you want to make sure you enjoy the games that you are interested in before throwing your hard earned money into something that might not have good team chemistry. Just like real basketball, there are some slam dunks in this game that make it worth getting a ticket and heading to the game for.