Play Battle of the Gods online

Logo Battle of the GodsIf you want a slot game with the most epic and important sounding name of all-time, Battle of the Gods might just be the game for you. After all, what could have greater consequences than an actual battle between gods. And this game has far more than just a cool name, as players can enjoy all of the cool imagery that would come with such an important throwdown. In this review of the Battle of the Gods online slot, find out what to expect when you hit your casino to catch this clash.

Symbols of battle

The symbols in Battle of the Gods are pretty chilling, as the gods who are doing battle are definitely worth fearing. With their large frames and weapons in hand, it is clear that nobody is messing around in this battle. The symbols are mostly of the gods on question, but there are others as well that are related to the two. Here are the symbols that are a part of the Battle of the Gods.

Battle of the Gods Ingame

  • Wild symbol
  • Pantheon – scatter symbol/free spins
  • Gods
  • Goddesses
  • Titans
  • Titanesses

Kudos to Battle of the Gods for making sure that all of their symbols are actually gods and titans that are about to do battle, rather than loading the game with unnecessary filler. This is definitely one of the marks of a quality online slot game.

Without a doubt the slot Battle of  the Gods is great and if you want to play it you can do it here.

One Wild showdown

The wild symbol in Battle of the Gods is a large set of wings with the world wild printed largely over them. These symbols can substitute for any symbol that shows up on the five reels with the exception of the scatter symbol. These wilds also have a payout of their own that can be awarded if enough wilds show up on any of the game’s 25 paylines. Five wild symbols is the ultimate goal, as that combination yields 10,000 credits.

Pantheon of Scatters

The Pantheon is a famous symbol in Greece, as it is a building that is supposed to be the residence of gods themselves. In Battle of the Gods, the Pantheon is a scatter symbol that can trigger free spins that vary in quantity based on what game mode is being played. There are two modes that this can turn into, with god and titan modes resulting in different amounts of spins for players to take advantage of.

Gods mode means unlimited free spins for players who managed to land enough scatters while that was the case. Titans mode, meanwhile, results in fewer free spins, with only eight free spins for the same number of scatter symbols.

Battle of the Gods tips and tricks

As a mortal, players should be advised to play the slot for free before they get into the game for cash. Unless you are a god or titan, in which case you should go right ahead and get involved in the battle. Battle of the Gods is a fun slot game with some really impressive symbol illustrations. And with some fun ways to distinguish the gods as the good guys in their fight with the titans, the game is pretty interesting and entertaining.