Play Battleship online

Logo BattleshipKnown by many as the game that they just couldn’t beat an older sibling at when they were little, Battleship is now an online slot game. As you would expect, there are plenty of nods to the board game, with some graphics that spruce up the experience more than the old plastic board ever did. In this review of the Battleship online slot game, find out what lurks on the seas when you play this throwback game. Just try not to let your battleship sink.

Don’t sink my symbols

Battleship has up to 40 paylines available for players to take advantage of, which means that there are plenty of combinations where players can use different symbols to win. For battleship, this means a number of symbols related to the Battleship board game, where the goal of course was to sink your opponent’s ships before yours went down. As you would expect, this means a lot of boat and military symbols. Here is a list of what you can expect from a symbols point of view.

  • Battleship symbol – wild
  • Bonus symbol – scatter
  • Five-star general
  • Four-star general
  • Three-star general
  • Battleships
  • Card value symbols

Battleship Ingame

Curious? Try your lucky here.

Wild ships

The Battleship symbol, complete with a ship at the bottom and the name of the game at the top, is the wild symbol for this game. This symbol can replace any symbol on the board with the exception of the bonus symbol for the purposes of forming winning combinations. And the best part of the wild symbol in this game is the fact that a wild symbol being a part of any winning combination results in that win being doubled.

It should also be noted that three or more wilds showing up on an active payline will lead to a win in and of itself, with up to 1500 credits being the reward for five battleship symbols making an appearance in the game.

Scatters on the high seas

As far as scatter symbols are concerned, Battleship boasts a symbol that simply says the word bonus in large letters. Sometimes simpler is better, and that is clearly the case here. Three or more of those symbols in any position yields the victory bonus, where players can send missles at the ships of their enemies with the hope of sinking those enemy ships. Of course, those missle strikes yield the bonuses that players want.

Battleship tips and tricks

Instead of urging players not to let others see their game board as would have been the case in the board game, players should be advised not to play the slot for cash without playing the slot free first. Doing this will ensure that players are ready to take on everything the game has to offer for real money without having to learn as they spend. Battleship was fun as a board game, and it is clearly fun to play now as a slot offering as well, thanks to some decent graphics, especially in the bonus round when boats are being sunk.