Play Beach online

Logo BeachGoing to the beach is one of the most fun activities there is, as there aren’t many things better than heading to a place filled with sun, sand, and the ocean. And adding to the fun of the beach is the ability to spin the slots for a chance at some prizes bigger than the ocean. That is where the Beach online slot game comes in. Filled with beach-themed symbols and plenty of ways to win, this game can heat things up no matter where a player is. In this review of Beach, find out everything casino players should know when they head to this Beach.

Sun and symbols

As one would expect for a game named Beach, the symbols are all themed around going to the beach. There are all kinds of ocean and beach tourist-themed symbols, all of which can be of value to players depending on what washes ashore, so to speak. Players will be hoping for the wild symbol the most, but there are plenty of symbols to covet on this beach. Here is a list of the symbols that can be found in Beach.

  • Octopus – wild
  • Message in a bottle – scatter
  • Treasure chest
  • Seashell
  • Conch
  • Starfish
  • Oyster with pearl
  • Card value symbols

Beach Ingame

To this game’s credit, everything in the game fits with the beach aesthetic. Even the card value symbols are put onto what look like the smoothed over rocks that you would find on a beach after their edges had been worn down by all of the action of the ocean. That’s a nice touch for a game that does look nice visually.

Curious? Try your lucky here.

Getting Wild at the beach

The octopus symbol is the wild symbol in Beach, which makes sense as it would be very wild to find an octopus on the shore. This symbol can swap two symbols to create the best possible win along the game’s 20 paylines. This isn’t a traditional wild, which shows up and can only be swapped out in its specific location, but instead it seeks out two locations to change out to give players the best chance to win.

Scatter in a bottle

Unlike that song by Sting and the Police, you don’t have to hope that anyone gets your message in a bottle in this game, as players can keep their messages in a bottle all for themselves as the game’s scatter symbol. Three or more of those symbols yields free spins, which are called waves in this game. Three scatters means eight free spins, while four scatters equals 16 free spins, and there are 24 free spins available for five scatters.

Beach tips and tricks

This game features an interesting take on spins with a wave-like effect taking place whenever the reels are activated rather than just the generic spinning motion. As a result, the best advice one can get for Beach is to play the slot free to get a feel for this and to find out if it is something you enjoy before playing it for real cash. Beach is just like a day at the beach for most slot players, who can enjoy the various twists that this game puts on the typical slot offering, with the octopus wild being the most notable of them.