Play Bee Land online

Logo Bee LandBee Land might sound terrifying to some online casino players, as bees aren’t exactly everyone’s favorite living creature. But the Bee Land online slot isn’t nearly as intimidating as it sounds, as players have the ability to spin alongside bees that look much friendlier than the ones out there in the real world. In this review of Bee Land, casino players can find out what this game is all about and what they should know before they start playing in search of wins that are sweeter than honey.

Stinging symbols

Octopus Gaming has put together a really cool five reel game here from an aesthetic point of view. The game looks like it is very basic in terms of its artwork, until you get a close look at the various bee symbols that exist throughout the game. With symbols like a bee rock star and bee police officer, they are so intricately drawn that it is hard not to appreciate everything that took place to put all of this together. Here is a rundown of what those nice looking symbols are in Bee Land.

  • Flowers – bonus symbol
  • Honey money maker – scatter
  • Crown – wild
  • Beehive
  • Flower clock
  • Lantern
  • Traffic light
  • Bees

Bee Land Ingame

Curious? Try your lucky here.

Queen Bee bonus

Players will be hoping to line up three or more flower symbols along a single payline to trigger the honey queen bonus. This bonus promises up to 2,400 credits, as players have the opportunity to really beef up the quantity won on a single spin if they can trigger this bonus and have success in it.

Sweet free spins

The scatter symbol in Bee Land is what the game calls the honey money maker. This symbol looks more like a spaceship for bees than anything else, but who are we to judge the bee community? The important thing here is that three or more of these symbols anywhere on the board triggers 12 free spins, with multipliers that increase during those free spins based on how many scatters were on the board originally.

Queens Wild

The crown of the queen bee is the wild symbol in Bee Land, and this symbol substitutes itself for anything on the board with the exception of the bonus and scatter symbols. There is plenty of room for payouts as a result, with the best payout of all coming if the wild symbols fall on the same payline. There are up to 5,000 credits available if five wilds show up on the same line.

Bee Land tips and tricks

Aside from the advice that bees can only sting once and that you shouldn’t fear them, the best advice for Bee Land is to play the slot free. This lets players get used to the different betting combinations as well as the bonus round before jumping in too deep for real cash. Bee Land is a nice looking game despite its basic looking exterior, and all of the bonus and other winning opportunities only amplify the positivity surrounding this insect-themed game.