Play Beetle Frenzy online

Logo Beetle FrenzyBeetle Frenzy sounds like what happens when someone leaves a picnic basket unattended for too long. Instead, this title has a pretty interesting look to it, as players hope to land on different bug and flower symbols to form winning combinations on the game’s three-by-three reel grid. The color scheme of this game is aesthetically pleasing, and may help online slot players stop fearing beetles when they head into their chosen casino. In this review of Beetle Frenzy, find out more about the game before you play it for the first time.

Insect symbols

The game Beetle Frenzy as a whole has sort of a psychedelic insect theme to it, with a lot of really bright colors to go with all of the bug symbols that exist in the game. It’s an interesting look that makes things fun to look at from start to finish, which is the goal of any slot game. Here is a rundown of the symbols that are up for grabs in the Beetle Frenzy game.

  • Flowers
  • Ladybug
  • Stink bug
  • Beetle
  • Mushrooms
  • Firefly – wild symbol
  • Apple – scatter symbol
  • Bug jar – bonus symbol

Beetle Frenzy Ingame

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Wild fireflies

The firefly is the wild symbol in this game, which is great given that many three-reel slot games don’t feature a wild symbol. This game allows players to collect additional winning combinations with the firefly changing to any symbols besides the scatter and bug jar bonus symbols. This is a nice change from three-reel games that tend to only allow basic combinations to form without any of the wilds or bonuses that this game has to offer.

Scattered apples

In this game, the golden apple is the game’s scatter symbol, which can pay huge dividends if enough of them show up over the course of the game. This symbol pays out starting at two golden apples, which doubles the player’s original bet. But the multiplier for these scatter symbols continues to increase with more and more of them showing up on the screen, all the way up to a 400x win if eight of these symbols make their way to the screen at once.

Bonus bugs

There are a few different bonus levels in play in Beetle Frenzy that make the game more interesting. One such bonus is the bug collector bonus, which shows up when three glass jars appear on one payline. This triggers the bug collector game, where players choose jars of varying values. There is also the lucky spin game, which awards an extra spin of the middle reel, as well as the flower frenzy bonus which rewards three of the same flower symbol on a single payline.

Beetle Frenzy tips and tricks

Players should give Beetle Frenzy a shot by playing the slot free, as the game is a little different than most three reel options and is certainly not a five reel game either. Making sure that those adjustments are to your liking is crucial. As a whole, Beetle Frenzy is a fun game, which takes some of the simplistic elements of three reel slots and modernizes them in an enjoyable way.