Play Bellissimo online

Logo BelissimoBellissimo is an Italian word that often can be translated to beautiful or wonderful. And it is no surprise that the online slot game Belissimo takes that idea and runs with an Italian theme to it. With a man holding a pizza on a platter as its big image on-screen, this game is certainly bellissimo in its own right. With three reels and some old-school symbols, this casino game puts an Italian twist on the classic three-reel machine. In this review of Belissimo, find out what to expect when you fire up this spicy Italian game.

Spicy symbols

There are five paylines in Belissimo in spite of there only being three reels, with the game paying out three horizontal paylines and two diagonal paylines as well. Within those five paylines, players are hoping to line up symbols that include the old-school bar symbols, sevens, and the italian chef that serves as the face of the game. Here is a list of the symbols that are available in Belissimo.

  • Italian chef
  • Seven
  • Bar symbol

Belissimo Ingame

As you can see, there isn’t a wide array of symbols and gimmicks to choose from here. There are no scatter symbols, wild symbols, or bonus rounds to be had in this game. But there are winning combinations to be had with the symbols that do exist within the game, which should appeal to players who are used to playing older types of games that didn’t come with all of the bells and whistles of today’s offerings.

Without a doubt the slot Belissimo is great and if you want to play it you can do it here.

Kiss the chef

The biggest goal for players in this game is to line up as many chefs as possible, as they are the symbol that carries the biggest payout. Lining up one payline of chefs yields a payout of 1000 coins, while five paylines full of chefs equals 5000 coins. There is a chance for that chef to serve players one of the biggest wins they’ve experienced in slots if all nine spots are occupied by those chefs.

Belissimo tips and tricks

Players who are new to Belissimo should follow the best advice for any new online slot game, which is to play the slot free before going forward with the game. This is especially true of games like Belissimo, which is a throwback style game that might not appeal to all players in the days of modern slots where there are a ton of different gimmicks that some players might prefer over the straightforward format of this game. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to find out before investing your actual money into the game.

Belissimo is fun, with five paylines serving as a way to spice up the typical three reel game. The constant bar symbols might not be the most fun symbols in the world of slots, but there are plenty of opportunities to make things more exciting by lining up as many chefs as possible. Of course, if you line up enough chefs to get the maximum payout, you may want to yell out “bellissimo” yourself.