Play Bewitched online

Logo BewitchedWhile also the name of a popular television series, the Bewitched online slot game isn’t actually based on any pop culture programming. Instead, casino players can look forward to a series of symbols based around witches and wizards, as they hope to find some magic along the game’s five reels. In this review of the Bewitched slot game, find out just what to expect when playing Bewitched, to see if this game is enchanting enough to play.

Bewitching symbols

As you would expect from a game named Bewitched, there are a lot of symbols in this game that deal with magic, to where the game almost has a Harry Potter vibe to it. There are wizards and witches, to go with owls and other symbols that make players think that the game is about to cast a spell of enchantment on them. Here are the symbols that can be found when playing Bewitched.

  • Owl – wild symbol
  • Bonus symbol – scatter
  • Castle
  • Witch
  • Spell book
  • Moon
  • Crystal Ball
  • Robe
  • Boots and hat
  • Card value symbols

Bewitched Ingame

Curious? Try your lucky here.

Wild owls

The wild symbol for this game is the owl, which players will try and get as many as possible of to form as many winning combinations as possible. This symbol can’t be used to form winning combinations with the scatter symbol, but has the ability to combine with the other symbols in the game along any of the game’s 15 paylines.

The wizard of Scatters

The Wizard symbol in this game is what comprises the scatter symbol, where three or more of these symbols along any position on the game’s reels means a bonus will be awarded. The bonus amount varies based on a number of factors, including the number of scatters that have appeared on a given spin, the amount of paylines used, and the amount wagered on that spin. But if all of those factors are favorable, a player could see a hefty bonus go their way.

Bewitched tips and tricks

It wouldn’t be a bad idea for players of Bewitched to play the slot free before investing real cash into the game. The big reason for this is the fact that the game is named after a TV show but is nothing like the show at all. That could confuse some people, so it isn’t a bad idea to play the game for free to find out exactly what the game consists of and to see if a player enjoys it.

Also, finding a system for the bonus could be a smart move, as players might want to come up with a bet ratio that works for them in terms of both their bankroll management and in terms of what will generate a bonus that they are happy with. This will take some tinkering, with experimentation like that perfect to do in the free version of the game.

The summary

Bewitched is an extremely fun game that really immerses players in the magic aspect of things, even if they aren’t necessarily a fan of that genre of entertainment.