Play Bicicleta online

Logo BicicletaBicicleta is the Spanish word for bicycle, but it is also the term used to describe a bicycle kick in soccer. In the Bicicleta online slot game, players will spin the game’s five reels in hopes of scoring not just goals, but payouts as well. With plenty of symbols that resemble actual professional footballers and some additional soccer-related items as well, this game is a visually appealing trip to the virtual pitch. In this review of Bicicleta, find out all there is to know about this game, and avoid any possible own goals.

Soccer symbols

As one would expect in a soccer themed game, there are a ton of soccer-related symbols going on here. That is a lot of fun, as even the card suit symbols that feature prominently throughout this game are textured as if they are soccer balls. Here is a complete list of the symbols that you might see when playing Bicicleta.

  • Wild symbol
  • Free spins symbol – scatter
  • Trophy symbol – free spins
  • Soccer players
  • Card suits

Bicicleta Ingame

If you want to take the chance and win a nice price, you can try your luck here.

Wild soccer action

This game features wilds that do not follow along with any kind of soccer theme, and instead just say soccer in big white letters across the symbol. That isn’t the most exciting thing, but it gets the point across, and kind of looks like what you would see on a score graphic when watching a match on television. As for the wilds themselves, they can swap in for any symbol in the game except for the scatter and trophy symbols.

Scattered soccer spins

The scatter symbol in this game is a soccer ball with the words free spins written underneath. And there are indeed free spins to be had for players who land on this symbol with three or more scatters, as they are able to earn anywhere from eight to 24 free spins depending on how many scatters show up. Five scatters yield the 24 free spins, while four of those symbols produce 16 additional spins.

Playing for the trophy

The goal of any soccer player is to win trophies, and that is the same goal that slot players have in this game. This symbol only shows up on reel number five, and awards 8-12 free spins while a regular spin is taking place, and an extra 2-4 spins should a player land it while in the middle of a free spin. Either way, this trophy is more valuable than some that actual football clubs have earned in recent years.

Bicicleta tips and tricks

Players who are new to this game should play the slot free before putting real money on the line. The biggest reason for this is that players who might not even like soccer might like what this game has to offer.

The summary

Bicicleta has done a really good job of creating an immersive soccer enviroment into the online slot space. Even though it would be nice to see a soccer-themed bonus game, such as a penalty shootout, this is still a positive offering overall.