Play Bier Haus online

Logo Bier HausA trip to the bier haus or biergarten is always a fun one. There is good food, good beverages, and maybe a few people you wouldn’t mind striking up a comnversation with as well. In the Bier Haus online slot, there is a lot of the same, with symbols of beer, and some girls you wouldn’t mind getting to know a little bit better. And just like a nice tall mug of beer, this game has some intoxicating payouts to offer. But it doesn`t end there. This game has great animations, sounds and gives you all the entertainment you could expect when you are a biergarten.  In this review of Bier Haus, find out more about this casino game before you play. Also, you will get the chance to claim a nice bonus. Good luck!

Bier, sausage, and symbols

Unsurprisingly, players are hoping to end up with plenty of beer and women when they go to the Bier Haus. Only in this game, the intoxication comes from the winning, as the beer is the wild symbol for this game and the women are the special symbols. Outside of those symbols, though, there are plenty of other biergarten related goodies to be found. Here is a list of the symbols that regularly appear in Bier Haus.

Bier Haus Ingame

  • Beer mugs – wild
  • Heidi – scatter symbol
  • German man
  • Castle
  • Beer barrel

There aren’t a lot of symbols to be found in this game, which is okay given that the game will often see wilds and scatter symbols pop up instead of more generic filler symbols. That is great for players who want more excitement out of their game, as every spin feels like it could see something important happen.

Curious? Try your lucky here.

Wild beers

It isn’t a shock that a beer would be the wild symbol in a game called Bier Haus, but that is exactly the case anyway. Players can use this symbol to line up with any on the board with the exception of the Heidi scatter symbols. And that means the potential to line up some serious winning combinations en route to a lucrative spin. These wilds only swap in for the highest paying combination, rather than all combinations, which is something to be aware of.

No hiding from Heidi

Given the small number of symbols that exist in this game, players are due to see lot of Heidi, the scatter symbol in this game. Lining up Heidi in Bier Haus is something that is rewarded with free spins. If five or more of these symbols show up on adjacent reels, starting with the one on the left, free spins are awarded with up to 80 free spins available on a single spin.

Bier Haus tips and tricks

Making sure a player enjoys a slot game is the most important thing they can do before getting invested into a game. Therefore, playing the slot free is recommended, as players can find out how they feel about the lack of a large number of symbols before putting their actual cash up into the game.

The summary

Bier Haus is perfect for players who like beer and everything that goes with a trip to German-themed bar. Whether or not the reels will be as kind to players as the beer would be remains to be seen.