Play Big Bang online

Logo Big BangThe Big Bang is said to have started life as we know it on Earth many, many years ago, at least in the eyes of some. And just like that event triggered plenty of action, the Big Bang online slot game has the potential to trigger plenty of exciting action for casino players as well. This five-reel game features plenty of celestial symbols, many of which look explosive in nature. In this review of Big Bang, find out everything you should know about the game before you hit up your online casino to take part in the action.

Cosmic symbols

This game from NetEnt features the types of symbols that you would expect from a game named after a celestial event. This game doesn’t feature any scatter symbols, but does feature a wild and other chances to win using everything that is at a player’s disposal within the slot. Here is a list of the symbols that are available in the Big Bang slot game.

  • Wild symbol
  • Colored planet symbols
  • Card value symbols

Big Bang Ingame

There aren’t a ton of different symbols to choose from in this game, nor are there a ton of different specialty symbols to be had, but the symbols that do exist in this game are incredibly well-designed, to the point that they make the game worth giving a shot on their own in a way.

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Wild bang

Players of the Big Bang game will be excited to know that the wild symbol matches up with any other symbol in the game. They might not be thrilled with the fact that this is a result of the game not having any other speciality symbols such as scatter or free spin symbols, but the game benefits by allowing the wilds to simply match up with whatever symbols are on the board to form as many winning combinations as possible.

With that said, it would be really nice to have some sort of additional symbols available in this game to keep things fresh. In spite of the visual appeal of the planets and even the card value symbols, there isn’t much that is appealing about the fact that this game doesn’t have anything to break up the potential monotony that could set in if players don’t run into frequent wins with the wild symbol.

Big Bang tips and tricks

The advice for this game cannot be stressed loudly enough, which is to make sure to play the slot free before playing for real cash. The reason for this is that players should make sure that they actually enjoy this game without all of the special symbols that most games carry. Doing this before putting real money into the game is a prudent decision and one that cannot be recommended highly enough.

The summary

Big Bang is a really cool looking game that has a pretty unique theme given that there aren’t a lot of games about how the Earth may or may not have been formed depending on what someone believes .But the lack of special symbols does take something away from it, to be sure.