Play Big Blox online

Logo Big BloxBig Blox sounds like the name of a kids toy set where the blocks are comically oversized to help develop motor skills. But instead of being a toy for children, the Big Blox online slot is more of a tiki-themed game contrary to what the name would suggest. With tiki symbols and other similarly themed icons placed throughout the game, players can get a taste of the tiki life in this exciting five reel slot offering. In this review of Big Blox, online slot players can ready themselves for all of the excitement that the game has made available.

Big Blox, big symbols

The naming of this game Big Blox is surprising, given that the game doesn’t feature blocks or anything that would lead someone to think that the game and title matched up at all. Instead, tiki and totem pole symbols reign supreme in this game, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as they are much more visually appealing than regular blocks would be. Here are the symbols that can be found in Big Blox.

  • Wild block
  • Red tiki
  • Purple tiki
  • Green tiki
  • Blue tiki
  • Card suit shapes

Big Blox Ingame

The attention to detail on the symbols in this game is incredible, as players should enjoy the artwork that went into everything here. Even the card value symbols are visually great to look at, as they have been fashioned into little tiki symbols that only enhance the gameplay.

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Wild blox

There aren’t many bells and whistles to be found in this game, in that there are no scatter symbols or free spins symbols. But there is a wild block that can be used to form winning combinations throughout the game. In this 243 ways to win game, where three or more symbols from left to right result in a win, wilds are a big deal, as they can swap out with any symbol in this game to form potentially big wins.

Big blocks in Big Blox

The only other special feature in this game is the presence of the big block feature, which is said to appear on every spin. Identical symbols will be grouped together on each spin to form a big block that is at least 2×2 in size. Of course, the bigger that block, the better a player’s chances of landing a big win across the board. And there is the potential for this big block to take up the entire 5×3 grid, which would result in a massive win.

Big Blox tips and tricks

There is a very real possibility that players can land some big wins with the big blocks feature in this game. But players are advised to check out the game first by playing the slot free, to find out what they like about it and if they understand the big blocks feature in a risk-free setting.

The summary

Big Blox looks extremely cool, and the big blocks feature is a fun way to make up for the fact that the more traditional slot features are not in use here. Either way, this game should appeal to most slot players willing to try something different.