Play Big Break online

Logo Big BreakEveryone wants a chance to get their big break in life. Whether that comes in the form of an opportunity at work or otherwise, the big break is something that is often sought after. In the Big Break online slot game, though, the big break refers to the break of a wave that surfers often crave. As a result, this five reel game features plenty of tropical imagery, as players try to catch both a wave and some big time payouts. In this review of Big Break, casino players can learn more about a game that is totally tubular.

Surfing symbols

Big Break has a lot of interesting and creative symbols, as they have kind of made an entire world around surfing as a whole here. They have wilds and scatters related to the name of the game, as well as a funny scatter symbol, and other surfing items to be enjoyed throughout. Here is a list of the surf-tastic symbols that exist throughout Big Break.

  • Big Break – wild
  • Lucky Break – wild
  • Munky Wax – scatter
  • Surfing animals

Big Break Ingame

In case you were worried that you were reading that incorrectly, you aren’t. This game is filled with surfing animals looking to hit the waves while wearing human bathing suits. If you have ever wanted to see a gorilla wearing board shorts getting ready to paddle out to the ocean to take on a wave, you are in luck.

Without a doubt the slot Big Break is great and if you want to play it you can do it here.

Wild waves

This game features two different wild symbols, both of which cover a different scenario that gives players two different chances to form the winning combinations that they are after. The first of these scenarios of the Big Break symbol, which is more of a typical wild symbol. This wild can only substitute for the surfing animals, which limits its usefulness by not working on other wilds or scatters.

The second wild is the Lucky Break symbol. This is a last chance symbol of sorts, in that players have a chance to run into it on the fifth reel only, with it making winning combinations from right to left rather than from left to right. It’s an interesting approach given that most games only allow wins from left to right, and it is definitely a welcome approach at that.

Scattered surfing

The name Munky Wax is funny even if it wasn’t because there are actual surfing monkeys in this game. But the fact that it is because the game is about the animal kingdom having a surf makes it even better. But no matter what the fictional surf wax in this game is called, three or more surf wax symbols triggers 15 free spins, with the surfing animals paying as scatters during those free spins.

Big Break tips and tricks

Just like you wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it, players shouldn’t play a slot for real money before they find out if they like it. In this case, playing the slot free can help players decide if they like the surfing animal concept. Also, players should consider giving the bet function a try, to potentially quadruple their winnings on certain spins.

The summary

Big Break is nothing if not creative, with the use of surfing animals and other out of the box ideas to create a wild day at the beach for even the slot player who thinks they have seen everything.