Play Big Cash Win online

Logo Big Cash WinA big cash win is the goal of any online slot player when they take to the reels and start spinning. But the game Big Cash Win puts that goal right in the name of their game. This old-school three reel machine uses all of the symbols that you would expect from a throwback game of its type, such as the fruit symbols and bar symbols. But just because this game uses some symbols that are less than fresh doesn’t mean that it doesn’t offer players plenty of chances to keep things interesting. In this review of Big Cash Win, casino players can learn more about this retro slot offering. Aside from information about the important symbols, readers will learn about the tips and tricks and they will see an attractive promotion.

Big Cash symbols

Big Cash Win features all kinds of old-school slot symbols. There are cherries, bars, and sevens, just like you would find in a slot machine from an older casino. But there are some additional twists that the game has put on those symbols to make them a little more interesting, with the Big Cash Win logo making a prominent appearance throughout the game to put its own stamp on things. Here is a list of the symbols that exist in Big Cash Win.

  • Big Cash Win logo
  • Seven symbol
  • Cherries
  • Bar symbols

Big Cash Win Ingame

This game pays out on three of these symbols being lined up along the game’s lone payline, or it pays out any two or one of some symbols depending on the situation. The nice thing about the game is the fact that the paytable is listed right on the main screen, on the left hand side next to the three reels. This is helpful, as the game shows you what winning combination was activated on each spin to trigger a payout.

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No Wilds, Scatters, or free spins

Staples of the online slot community, the free spins, wilds, and scatters have become almost universally popular. However, there are none of those things to be had in this game, which can either make the game better or worse depending on the preferences of each player. On one hand, this is clearly a game that is sticking to its integrity by not adding gimmicks to what was intended to be an old-school slot game. But on the other, more modern players might want to see something a little more spiced up. Again, this is something on which a player’s mileage will vary.

Big Cash Win tips and tricks

Players who are used to playing five-reel games with all kinds of weird and wild gimmicks should definitely play this slot free before they put any of their hard-earned money into it. There are not many games like this one anymore, that rely entirely on one set of symbols without even a wild to change things up with. Therefore, it is imperative that a player makes sure they like what they see before committing to this game fully.

The summary

Big Cash Win is not like most of the games currently being put into the online slot space. But if you don’t mind one payline and no gimmicks, this could be another nice addition to your list of favorite slot games.