Play Big Vegas online

Logo Big VegasLas Vegas always feels like a big place, with all of the big shows, big events, and big gaming opportunities that are available to those who visit. And in the online slot game Big Vegas, casino players can feel some of that massive energy when they take on the game’s five reels. With tons of Vegas-themed symbols to look at and plenty of bright lights to check out along the way, this game does a good job of bringing the essence of Vegas to players. In this review of Big Vegas, find out what you need to know to get into this game. But that is not everything this comprehensive Big Vegas review can offer you, as you will read more about tips and tricks and a promotional offer from a reliable gambling site.

Symbol Las Vegas

There are some images that are just synonymous with Las Vegas, and the Big Vegas slot game has most of them included in their list of symbols. There are slot machines, hotel room keys, playing cards, drinks, and everything else that is needed to have a great night in Vegas. Even the card value symbols don’t feel out of place in this game given the relationship between this game and the gambling that so often takes place in Vegas. Here is a list of the symbols that are up for grabs in Big Vegas.

  • Wild symbol
  • Free games lounge – Scatter
  • Slot machine
  • Suite key
  • Poker chips
  • Playing cards
  • Martini
  • Dice
  • Card value symbols (Jack/Queen/King/Ace)

Big Vegas Ingame

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Getting Wild in Vegas

There isn’t a place more synonymous with getting wild than Las Vegas, which makes it fitting that this game has a wild symbol. Players can rack up three or more of these symbols on the game’s 40 paylines to sub in any symbol but the scatter in those positions to rack up as many winning combinations as possible. Of course, what happens in Vegas tends to stay there, so there is nothing wrong with getting a little wild.

Trip to the free games lounge

Going to a VIP lounge is always associated with a trip to Las Vegas, and in this game that is no exception. Players have the opportunity to rack up scatter symbols in any position on the game’s reels for the opportunity to step into the free games lounge for free spins. These free spins include a 3x multiplier, so there are definitely high stakes involved with racking up free spins.

Big Vegas tips and tricks

Just like players should take advantage of anything they can for free while in Las Vegas, it is a good idea to play the slot free before taking to the reels for real cash. If nothing else, this can show you what the scatter situation looks like so you can find out more about the free spin availability and how often those symbols actually show up on the game’s reels.

The summary

As a whole, Big Vegas does a really good job of showcasing Las Vegas as a part of the slot game and making the game feel as important as a trip to Vegas with friends. While there aren’t too many bells and whistles to this game, the ones that are there hit all the necessary notes.