Play Bingo Slot online

Logo BingoWhen the word bingo is mentioned, usually two things come to mind. One of those things is old people sitting in a hall marking their cards, while the second is a dog for which that is his name-o. But in the Bingo online slot game, players have the ability to make bingo a lot more fun, using the game’s five reels to line up bingo ball symbols and plenty of other fun symbols to give them a chance to win big. In this review of Bingo, find out what casino players can expect when they take to the virtual bingo hall to play this slot. You will read more about the bonus rounds, tips and tricks and to put a cherry on top, you will see a promotional offer. Make sure you don´t skip this Bingo Slot review.

Bingo symbols

Unsurprisingly, the symbols in the Bingo slot game are bingo balls, just like you would see when you take to the bingo hall to play the game. In addition to the numbered balls, there are also bingo balls that you wouldn’t see in a regular bingo game, that indicate bonuses and other fun items that make this more than a traditional trip to play bingo. Here is a list of the symbols that are up for grabs in Bingo.

  • Bonus ball
  • Wild ball
  • Scatter ball
  • Bingo balls (1 through 8)

Bingo Ingame

The nice thing about this game is the fact that it has a built-in excuse to use numerical values for the less valuable symbols. Instead of games that use card value symbols despite them not having anything to do with the theme of their game, this makes the symbols in this game feel much more natural.

Without a doubt the slot Bingo Slot is great and if you want to play it you can do it here.

Bingo bonuses

There is a bonus round to be had in this game, with players being able to access the bonus if they line up three or more bonus symbols on one of the game’s 25 paylines. The bonus round can be triggered during free spins or regular spins, giving players more than enough opportunities to see a bonus as they play.

A Wild Bingo game

The wild bingo ball in this game can substitute for any symbol on the board with the exception of the bonus and scatter balls. That means plenty of potential winning combinations, but that isn’t the best thing about the wilds in this game. Players who rack up five wild symbols with all paylines active and a max bet placed win a jackpot, giving players quite the incentive to take part in that bet combination.

Scattered Bingo balls

The scatter symbol in this game is hard to miss, as players need to look no further than the giant bingo ball that says scatter across it. If players end up with three or more of these symbols in any position on the game’s five reels, they get free spins out of it. Three scatters yields seven free spins, four scatters means 20 free spins, and five scatters equals a whopping 50 free spins.

Bingo tips and tricks

Bingo players should play the slot free before they begin playing for real cash, as the game’s jackpot feature is worth checking out before investing too heavily into the game to get a feel for just the kind of investment is required to be eligible for it.

The conclusion

Bingo is overall an enjoyable game, with a few fun twists on the classic game to make things interesting for slot players. And without having to mark up a bingo card, things couldn’t be easier.