Play Bloody Love Slot online

Logo Bloody LoveIf you are familiar with online casino and slot games, you are probably aware of the different types of casino games and slots with different games. However, Bloody Love Slot comes with a twist that makes it appealing to players of different backgrounds. The love-themed casino game is in a world of its own. However, it is a bizarre type of love. Imagine engaging in a romantic relationship with Count Dracula, expect a messy relationship. That’s what the 5-reel slot game with 10 pay-lines is all about as it takes you on a special journey of that is both rewarding and entertaining. If you are interested in the Bloody Love Slot you should read this review. It will show you all the necessary information. Stay tunded!

The game details and symbols

This game has five reels in three rows. To get a paid combination, you must have a minimum of two of the same symbols. The symbols must be beside each other on an active line. The first reel at the left should be the starting point while the longest combination on each of the lines will be paid.

  • The lower symbols you can use in the game include the vampire, Nosferatu and his numerous girlfriends
  • The special symbol is the can of blood Scatter

Bloody Love Ingame

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The can of blood Scatter symbols

The Scatter is represented by a can of blood that can be mistaken for a can containing soup. While this symbol doesn’t really assure you of a huge win, it nevertheless offers tons of free games. If you win these free games, your earnings will increase reasonably well. They help you to form paid combinations by replacing numbers and letters when it is absolutely necessary. The Scatter symbol can trigger free spins as well.

Scatter free spins & bonus features

If you can get a minimum of three Scatters, you are on your way to winning between 3 and 15 free spins. For what they are, the free spins may be your gateway to better wins. The Dracula has three different girlfriends. These are a beautiful redhead, a busty and seductive blonde, and a smoldering brunette. If you find five of any of these girlfriends together, you can earn as much as 5 credits.

It is quite unfortunate that Bloody Love Slot doesn’t offer a jackpot at the moment. Nevertheless, it offers some free games that you can play at your convenience and improve your opportunity to win a couple of games and money in this game.

Tips and tricks

Everyone stands a good chance to win on this slot. However, your winning chances will increase drastically if you understand the basic tricks. Firstly, understand the bet’s size. Slot machines have different bet sizes and these affect your winning chances. You should also start playing with little money. However, you can increase your rate if no payment is made from a couple of spins in the same slot on a specific row. You can then take some of these spins, three or four, back at the current rate. If that gives you the desired result, cut the rate down a bit.


As you can see from this review, Bloody Love Slot is one of the few casino games that don’t offer a jackpot. This, however, doesn’t detract from its reputation as an exciting game that can equally be rewarding if you understand the game and its rules because it still offers its players a good chance to make money from the game. With the right trick, you can get a good collection of Scatters and win some free games that will put you in the best position to win real money. Enjoy the features offered by this slot and leverage them as much as you can to make any game you play on the slot worthwhile for you.