Play Bob: The Epic Viking Quest online

Logo Bob - The Epic Viking QuestThis casino game is a masterpiece from one of the biggest names in the industry: NetEnt. The game boasts of 25 pay-lines and 5 reels, features that you are probably accustomed to as an online game player. You will be amazed by the soundtrack reminiscing of Hollywood that will give you an adventure experience as you play the game. The game will take you on an adventure where you are offered the awesome opportunity to embark on a boat trip where you can plunder valuable and prized possessions. It is a game that offers tons of fun. You can play the slot game for free or wager real money if you wish to win handsomely from the game.

The core details and symbols of the game

Bob: The Epic Viking Quest has several symbols that play different roles throughout the game, making it easier to play the game and have a good shot at hitting a jackpot in the process. Consider some of these symbols:

  • Low paying Poker Symbols include 10 and other symbols such as the Ace, King, Queen and Jack
  • The high paying symbols include the Horny Helmet or Axes with an impressive payout that can be up to 500x of your bet.
  • The Wild Logo wild and the Golden Longboats scatter are special

Bob - The Epic Viking Quest Ingame

If you want to take the chance and win a nice price, you can try your luck here.

As the Wild symbol, this logo offers players the best payout of 750x of their placed bets. The symbol is also powerful enough to replace a good number of symbols and form a winning combination in the process. In this particular game, the Wild symbol can effectively replace the poker symbol and offer you the opportunity to win better prizes.

The golden longboats Scatter symbols

The Scatter symbols are special symbols that can trigger some attractive offers. If you can arrange three to five of these symbols, you will be awarded with as much as 100x of your placed wager. You will also receive 10 free spins that will ensure the tripling of prizes.

Gainful bonuses and features

Expectedly, Bob offers some free features that players can use to increase their winning chances considerably. For instance, you will get free spins that allow you to feel the pleasure of playing for free. These gifts allow you to play slot games for free while testing the waters. While playing the game, pay attention to the game and you will see several bonus features that can assist you to become a better player and have a better shot at having a good game that may ultimately lead to a good win as well.

Tips and tricks for motivated bettors

If you desire to play the game to the best of your ability, you must arm yourself with some effective tips and tricks. They will give you an edge while doing justice to the game. For a great performance, understand the symbols and their functions. This will enable you to find the best ways to use them to your advantage. Before you embark on any quest, you should endeavor to adjust your bet first. There are different icons that you can use for adjusting your bet. These are the Level, Max Bet, and other related buttons.


This is an interesting game with lots of opportunities for players to hit it big. From the great symbols to the game design, you have a platform where you can play online games with relative ease. Go on several quests and experience the awesome experience that comes from winning games while on quests. With the tons of free offers at your disposal as mentioned in this review, play the game for free or place a wager and enjoy the numerous benefits of the Bob game.