Play Bollywood Story online

Logo Bollywood StoryInspired by the highly popular India movie industry, the slot game is an exciting one. If you are familiar with the Cinderella movie and cartoon, you will easily identify with this game. Developed by NetEnt, it has two reels while Indian music plays in the background to give you the unique Bollywood feel while you play slot for free or if you want to have the real feeling of playing with money. With 96.1% RTP, it is one of the best Hollywood-themed games around.Here, you will be thrown into the unusual scenario of matchmaking and family arranging marriages for their children without their consent. So the theme is quite unusal and everything else will be explained in this comprehensive Bollywood Story review. Also, make sure that you don`t miss the information about the promotional offer.

The game’s fascinating message and symbols

Casino games are renowned for their special symbols that are more often than not designed according to the storyline developed in the game. Some of the special symbols on Bollywood Story are:

  • Simpler symbols are marble floors, expensive rugs, decorative pillars and stained glass windows
  • The Floating Wild and the Blue Jewel scatter are the special Symbols

Bollywood Story Ingame

Without a doubt the slot Bollywood Story is great and if you want to play it you can do it here.

The floating flower garlands Wild symbols

This is the game’s Wild symbol and can be the perfect replacement for other symbols in the game. In the process, a winning combination will be formed. The Scatter is the only symbol that can’t be replaced by the Wild symbol.

The blue jewel Scatter symbols

While the Wild symbol replaces other symbols to form a winning combination, the Scatter symbol can trigger the exciting Free Spins feature if you can successfully land three Scatters and above on a reel. The spinning allows you to win up to 30 free spins. In the process, a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 Floating Wilds will randomly appear on the spins individually.

If you can land the same number of spins again, you will retrigger the Free Spins feature. That will be a bonus as you can play slot games for free and have a good opportunity to increase your winning chances in the process.

Huge free spins and bonus features

Bollywood Story comes fully packed with free spins that can be triggered by a good number of Scatters. What you get as a reward here depends on the number of Scatters you can get. With 3x Scatters, you are entitled to 10 free spins while 20 and 30 free spins are yours if you get 4x or 5x respectively. Note that Floating Wilds are also attached to the free spins. When these wilds appear randomly on each of the free spins, you have a chance to make it big with the potential 1,000x of your pet on a free spin. That’s a great opportunity to win a fortune on Bollywood Story.

Beneficial tips and tricks

While playing a game such as the Bollywood Story, knowing the right tricks to play the game like a pro will be a big plus for you. Start by understanding the game first. Go through its list of features, bonuses, and other features that will give you an insight into the game. That will give you a better overall view of the game. You can decide to choose from the different levels and combinations of coins before you start playing the game.

However, it is advisable that you choose to play the first 10 levels while you can make do with a coin value between 0.01 and 1.0. If you wish to play continuously, use the auto-play function to allow you to play the game for as much as 1,000 games at a go.


A great storyline backed by an attractive background music will serve as one of the best ways to start a casino game. Then, you have a chance to win big with the free spins features and the amazing Wild symbols. When you combine this with the tricks discussed in this review, you have a winning formula that may open the door to a great win for you.