Play Candy Dreams online

Logo Candy DreamsDreams about candy are never bad dreams, and the Candy Dreams online slot game is a visually stunning game where players can put candy symbols together in an attempt to win big. This game is unique, as the game resembles the popular Candy Crush franchise to make for a different way to form winning combinations than what you find in your traditional slot experience. In this review of Candy Dreams, find out what you can expect when you go to your preferred casino and try to make your candy dreams a reality. Of course, to be fully prepared you need to know more about the important symbols and if there are Scatter and Wild symbols. Further, this review will present you a promotional offer and important tips and tricks.

Sweet symbols

This game is interesting, in that most of the symbols on the board don’t stand out too much over the others, similar to what you would see in the popular game Candy Crush. Instead of symbols that are clearly marked Scatter or Wild, the symbols are just like those that you would see in the popular mobile game. Here is a rundown of the symbols that are available in this game to give a better idea as to how it all works in this seven reel spectacular.

Candy Dreams Ingame

  • Multicolored candy – wild symbol
  • Single-colored candy

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Sweet and wild

The wild symbol in Candy Dreams looks a lot like a piece of chocolate with multicolored candy pieces strewn throughout it. This is taken virtually straight from Candy Crush, not that that is a bad thing. The wilds in this game can substitute with any symbol on the board, unlike wilds in most games that are restricted from swapping with a scatter symbol. Without any scatter symbols in this game, there isn’t anything to worry about there. And these wilds can combine to form multiple winning combinations simultaneously, which is advantageous to players.

Wheel of fortune

At the bottom of the screen, a picture of the board will be displayed, with the potential for some of that board to be occupied by a lit up series of squares. Filling those squares with a winning combination would set up the wheel of fortune bonus, which offers a multitude of ways to amplify a winning bet. From the addition of wilds into a spin to a massive multiplier increase, there are a number of ways that the wheel can benefit players here.

Non-traditional pay sequence

Instead of a series of paylines, Candy Dreams gives players the chance to win by putting five or more of the same symbol next to each other. This can be done horizontally, vertically, or some combination of the two.

Candy Dreams tips and tricks

Players of Candy Dreams should really play the slot free before putting too much cash into it, to make sure that they like the way the game is set up before being too heavily invested.

The verdict

Candy Dreams isn’t like most online slot games, thanks to the fact that the pay system varies wildly from what people are likely used to. This can be a good thing, as the creativity makes for a really exciting game that can be a great change of pace from the more traditional slot offering.