Play Captain Quid’s Treasure Quest online

Logo Capt. Quid's Treasure QuestCaptain Quid doesn’t sound like a great leader of pirates, as online slot players would probably prefer to win pounds or whatever their preferred currency is. But Captain Quid’s Treasure Quest is an interesting casino game that lets players spin five reels in the hopes of hitting some buried treasure. This game features retro-looking pirate-themed symbols, as they look a lot like what you would find in a Pirates of the Caribbean movie. In this review of Captain Quid’s Treasure Quest, find out everything you need to know before playing this game. In this review you will learn more about the tips and tricks that can help you to win even more money. You will also see a promotional offer and will read more about the important symbols, you want to see eventually.

Treasure symbols

Captain Quid’s Treasure Quest, predictably, has a lot of pirate symbols throughout. From a logo that looks like it was taken straight from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, to the treasure chests and other similar items, players will have no trouble figuring out what kind of game they are in when they play this one. Here is a quick look at the different types of symbols that are out there for players of Captain Quid’s Treasure Quest.

Capt. Quid's Treasure Quest Ingame

  • Game logo – wild symbol
  • Treasure chest – scatter symbol
  • Pirate
  • Ship
  • Lackeys
  • Compass
  • Card value symbols

Without a doubt the slot Capt. Quid’s Treasure Quest is great and if you want to play it you can do it here.

Wild seas

To say that the seas can be a wild place is an understatement, given all of the things that can happen on the seas over the course of a journey. At least, that’s what it seems like after watching a few too many pirate movies. In this game, the wild symbol is the logo for the game, which can substitute for any symbol on the board with the exception of the treasure chest scatter symbol. Also, five of these symbols on one of the game’s 15 paylines can pay 50,000 credits.

Scattered treasure

The scatter symbol in Captain Quid’s Treasure Quest is the treasure chest, fittingly enough. Players will hope to land three or more of this symbol, as doing so will yield a trip for an honest to goodness treasure quest with the treasure quest bonus. As the game’s name would suggest, that quest is the ultimate goal, as players will have the chance to pick up treasure of their own to win big.

Captain Quid’s Treasure Quest tips and tricks

As you can see, there is a lot going on with this game, especially as it pertains to the bonus level. Players should give the bonus a try before they play for real money, to make sure they know exactly what they can do to maximize their winnings during that game. To do this, players are advised to play the slot free before putting their cash on the line, to make sure that those bonuses can be theirs.

The summary of the slot

To make a good pirate slot game in this day and age, there has to be something creative about it due to the fact that the games are so common. And Captain Quid’s Treasure Quest, aside from having a long name, does plenty to differentiate itself with a bonus and a decent look that does enough to make this game unique.