Play Cluedo online

Logo CluedoWho doesn’t love a well thought out murder mystery? Well, it turns out that this is exactly what this game is based on – Cluedo, the good old murder mystery game. The thrill and anticipation of finding out who the killer is and how they did it, is enough for most people to get excited. At times, it may be a concern when very successful concepts are turned into other types of games, but thankfully, the idea of the Cluedo slot worked out very well indeed. The slot game features good graphics and realistic sound effects which bring the gaming experience to life. Cluedo is set on 5 reels and 15 paylines and definitely puts players in the mood for a good murder mystery. In this Cluedo slot review, you will find out how not only to enjoy this game, but also how to play it in such a way to make you a potential winner.

Cluedo symbols

The Cluedo online slot features all of the main characters of the game, along with all of the weapons that are available as clues. This slot does manage to give a realistic interpretation of this board game. Here is a breakdown of all the symbols that are included in Cluedo slot.

  • Cluedo – wild symbol
  • Newspaper – scatter symbol
  • Miss Scarlett
  • Mrs. White
  • Mrs. Peacock
  • Rev Greene
  • Prof Plum
  • Colonel Mustard
  • Card value symbols (each symbols represents a different weapon during spins)

Cluedo Ingame

If you want to know what Cluedo is like, please take a look at the following page.

Murderous wilds

There’s no doubt it, Cluedo has many great symbols, whether it is the characters or the weapons. Usually the highest paying symbol is the wild in many slots, but Cluedo has done things slightly differently. The scatter and wild symbols can both pay out large amounts and even though the scatter symbol offers a shot at some free spins, they also pile on the rewards when you align them in the correct order. The greatest part about this slot is that there is a 25 000 credit jackpot up for grabs for players who land 3 scatters or 3 wilds on a winning payline.

Shooting into scatters

Having scatter symbols that offer massive rewards certainly adds to the appeal of the game. As this slot only has 5 reels and 15 paylines, it seems more likely to land three scatters during a spins and makes it rather attractive.

Cluedo tips and tricks

Cluedo comes with significant rewards and because the game has less paylines than others in its class, it is rather easy to get the hang of. In saying that, it is a good idea to test this casino game first before wagering your own real money. Fortunately, Cluedo has a play slot for free version where players can become familiar with the game first before taking on any risk. Since this is a rather basic slot, it doesn’t take long to get familiar with the betting structure and should be enjoyable for professional and amateur players alike.

The summary

Cluedo has always been one of the classic boardgames, and one that has always attracted players due to the solving of mysteries and the thinking behind the clues. This slot manages to bring the boardgame to life and brings about a more lifelike feel to this murder mystery. Furthermore, the Cluedo slot has some impressive graphics and sound effects and makes players feel like they are actually part of the game.

The boardgame was all about matching the clues and making deductions to find the ultimate suspect. This slot hasn’t strayed from the original idea and players will not be disappointed to get into this murder mystery.