Play Crown of Egypt online

Crown of Egypt LogoAt one point in the history of the world, there was no more prestigious honor than holding the crown of Egypt. One of the greatest civilizations in the history of the world, ruling Egypt was a sign of power and greatness among those who had that honor. Today, online slot players have the chance to go to their favorite online casino to give themselves the chance to win big in the Crown of Egypt online slot game. The category of online slot games that are based in Egyptian history is a crowded one, which means that games like this have to do a little something extra to stand out among all of the competition that is out there. Fortunately, this game does a good job of delivering on that need for the most part, with some strong artwork and plenty of chances to win. In this review of Crown of Egypt, find out how this game works, and what makes it similar and different to all of the other games that exist in the Egyptian-themed games genre.

Crown of Egypt symbols

This game that boasts 1,024 ways to win has symbols that predictably fall into the Egyptian theme, but still look good and don’t blend in with the other games that fall into this genre. The depictions look solid and are as follows:

  • Crown of Egypt logo – wild symbol
  • Bonus symbol
  • Egyptian man and woman
  • Animal symbols
  • Card value symbols

Crown of Egypt Ingame

To get a look at the symbols of this game for yourself, and to try and win, head over to Leo Vegas.

Wild chase for the crown

The wild symbol in this game is the game’s logo, which can be swapped out for any symbol on the board with the exception of the bonus symbol. These wilds appear on the final four of the game’s five reels, with the first reel assured to not feature a wild symbol at any point. That structure means that the first reel will need to feature a high-value symbol to get the most out of the wilds that show up in the later reels.

An Egyptian bonus

The bonus symbol in Crown of Egypt is the easy to figure out symbol that says bonus in giant letters. These symbols only show up in the third reel of the game, with two or more of them triggering free spins for players. Two bonus symbols leads to 10 free spins, three bonus symbols means 15 free spins, and four bonus symbols means 20 free spins. Best of all is the fact that these can be retriggered for up to 130 free spins.

Crown of Egypt tips and tricks

Bankroll management is so important in slots, which is why players are advised to get a feel for the bet size that they want to make in this particular game. Crown of Egypt allows players to wager up to 4,000 coins per spin in its 40 payline structure, which could be costly if players don’t develop a strategy that works for them. To figure out a betting strategy, players may want to play the slot for free to practice.

Crown of Egypt summary

Crown of Egypt takes a pretty well worn out slot format and does a nice job of keeping it fresh, which is one of the most impressive things that any slot game can do. And with free spins to be had in big numbers, potentially, this game should be a hit.