Play Cupid & Psyche online

cupid & psycheCupid & Psyche are the perfect pair. Most people are familiar with Cupid, who is the god of love in Greek mythology. Psyche, on the other hand, is not as well known. In “Metamorphoses,” a Latin novel, Psyche is Cupid’s lover. It’s a match made by the gods, and one that symbolizes true love and romance everywhere. As such, there is no better setting for a romantic online slot game than Cupid & Psyche. This slot game is tugs on our heartstrings, but the heart of the action happens on the game’s 40 paylines spread out over four rows and five reels. Match the right symbols on the Cupid & Psyche slot game, and you could be head over heels in love with some cold, hard cash.

Cupid & Psyche symbols

The three main symbols in the game are commensurate with the theme of love. They are:
• Cupid
• The game’s logo
• A harp
Lower-value symbols are filled in with:
• 9
• 10
• J
• Q
• K
• A

cupid & psyche reels

Cupid & Psyche is a fun online slot game with a romantic theme that can be found at this site.

Psyche is wild

In the Cupid & Psyche slot game, Psyche, with her dark hair, is the wild symbol. There is also what’s known as a scatter symbol, which in this game is a white, red and black bullseye symbol. The wild symbol gets stacked within the game’s reels, which leads to more wins for the player.

Scatter symbols lead to free spins

In this game, you can get free spins by landing enough of the scatter symbols. All you need to do to activate the free spins is to get at least three of the scatter symbols to appear anywhere on the game’s reels. Three scatter symbols will net you 12 free spins and a 3x stake total. Four symbols ups the total take to 10x on those 12 free spins, and five scatters boosts it all the way to 25x for the free 12 spins.

Cupid & Psyche tips and tricks

One of the best ways to get familiar with any new slot game is to try it out for free before risking your own real money. Find an online casino that will allow you to try the Cupid & Psyche game out for free first. This way, you can familiar yourself with all the symbols, as well as how the wild symbols and scatter symbols lead to bigger wins and free bonus spins. Once you are completely comfortable and decide you like the game, then you can begin to risk real money.

Cupid & Psyche overall summary

While everyone adores a good love story, online slot players are really here to win money. One of the best parts about the Cupid & Psyche game is its big bonus features and the ability to win big with the 25x total stakes on 12 free spins when you land five scatter symbols. Overall, players may not like the Return to Player rate of 93.91%, but the bigger reward with higher bonuses might compensate for that.