Play Cyrus the Virus online

Cyrus the Virus logoa_1No one likes to be sick. No one likes when they’re computer is sick, either. So, what better way to take out your frustration on all the nasty viruses and critters that make you and your computer sick than by splattering them everywhere on the reels of the Cyrus the Virus slot game? The Cyrus the Virus game puts the power of killing these viruses in your hands. The seven different viruses start out small, but they grow bigger and bigger if you don’t stop them before it’s too late. While you want to stop them before they get too big, you also get larger rewards for killing the bigger viruses. Are you up for the challenge of Cyrus the Virus? Then read on for more.

Cyrus the Virus symbols

Cyrus the Virus is a game that offers 10 paylines spread out over three rows and five reels. The game features seven different symbols, and each represents one of the nasty viruses that you can catch. The symbols don’t have names, per say, but they each represent germ symbols.
Cyrus the Virus reelsa_1

Cyrus the Virus is a fun online slot game with a twist on the normal themes on slot games. Many more can be found at this site below.

DNA is wild

Cyrus the Virus takes the wild symbol from a slightly different angle than most other online slot games. The wild is the multi-colored DNA symbol, but it only appears in the middle reel of the slot game. The cool part about this wild is that when it does appear, it will expand to take over nearby reels, so that you can possibly get even more winning combinations.

DNA provides a free spin

This game is a much simpler game than a lot of online slots out there. There are no multi-game free spin bonuses or complicated combinations that you need to match in order to get a bonus. Simply put, when the DNA symbol appears in the middle reel, you’ll be rewarded by getting more opportunities for combination wins in nearby rows, and you’ll get a re-spin as well.

Cyrus the Virus tips and tricks

One of the best ways to get familiar with any new slot game is to try it out for free before risking your own real money. Find an online casino that will allow you to try the Cyrus the Virus game out for free first. This way, you can familiar yourself with all the symbols, as well as how the wild symbols and scatter symbols lead to bigger wins and free bonus spins. Once you are completely comfortable and decide you like the game, then you can begin to risk real money.

Cyrus the Virus overall summary

Cyrus the Virus is a much different take on many online slot games, especially when it comes to themes. It is a fun challenge to try to kill and stop as many of the viruses as possible from expanding into bigger, deadlier viruses. In addition to the change of pace on the theme, Cyrus the Virus is also a much simpler online slot games than many that are offered today. There is only one wild symbol, the DNA, and it appears only in the middle reel. The wild takes over nearby reels, but you only get one re-spin when it appears. If you’re looking for a simpler online slot game but that is still fun, Cyrus the Virus is worth a look.