Play Diablo 13 online

Diablo 13 LogoDiablo 13 is a devilish online slot game that is based around the theme of black magic. The story of the slot game itself is based around the number 13, which is considered very unlucky in a number of cultures around the world. The theme of the game is both dark and mysterious, and it has a frightening soundtrack to go along with it. It’s a progressive slot game, which comes with the possibility of landing a very large jackpot win if you can land it. There are five reels in the Diablo 13 slot game and, not surprisingly, it has 13 paylines as well. All of the symbols revolve around the devilish theme of the game. There are wild symbols, scatter symbols and even a special bonus feature game that keep your interest high in the game. The wild symbols substitute for other symbols. The scatter symbol gives you free spins, and the bonus feature can get you a huge payout. Let’s take a closer look at the Diablo 13 slot game.

Diablo 13 symbols

The Diablo 13 slot game has a nice mixture of different symbols, all with different values to them. The symbols include:
• Skulls
• Book of spells
• Red bell on the pentagram
• Blue crystal ball with red eyes (the jackpot symbol)

Diablo 13 Ingame

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The haunted house is wild

The haunted house serves as the wild symbol in the Diablo 13 slot game. Not only does the wild symbol substitute for other symbols in the game, but if you’re able to get five of them in one payline, you will trigger a Monster Madness prize. This prize will lead to the progressive jackpot.

The fairy is the scatter

In Diablo 13, the fairy serves as the scatter symbol. It can appear anywhere on reel one, three or five. If you’re able to get all three at the same time, it will trigger a free spin bonus as well. The game also has a bonus feature that is triggered by the wizard symbol. Depending on how many you are able to land on a payline (you need at least three), will determine the number of bonus points you’ll get.

Diablo 13 tips and tricks

One of the best ways to get familiar with any new slot game is to try it out for free before risking your own real money. Find an online casino that will allow you to try the Diablo 13 game out for free first. This way, you can familiar yourself with all the symbols, as well as how the wild symbols and scatter symbols lead to bigger wins and free bonus spins. Once you are completely comfortable and decide you like the game, then you can begin to risk real money.

Diablo 13 overall summary

Diablo 13 may have a scary theme, but it’s all about fun and excitement with this slot game. The game keeps players active, alert and interested by all the wild symbols, scatter symbols and even a cool bonus feature game. But perhaps the best feature of Diablo 13 is the fact that it has a progressive jackpot that can lead to some truly huge wins.