Play Diamond Dreams online

Diamond Dreams LogoiGaming developer BetSoft brings us the Diamond Dreams online slot game that is a true reflection of classic slot machines in casinos of old. This non-progressive slot game is a close replica of the original three-reel slot machines that have only a single payline. The theme of the game revolves around the excitement of digging for diamonds, and the symbols in the game match the theme quite well. Despite the game being reminiscent of the simplicity of slot machines of the past, this online slot game brings a few twists. Instead of just a single payline, Diamond Dreams offers five paylines across its three reels. It also has a lot more options for payouts than the simple classic slot machines, even though the game board looks like the traditional layout. The game even has classic sounds and lights that flash when you win. One downside, though, especially for modern slot players, is there is no scatter symbol, no free spin bonus game and no other bonus feature. Let’s take a closer look at this online slot game.

Diamond Dreams symbols

The main symbols in the Diamond Dreams slot game are very similar to some of the classic slot machine symbols. They include:
• Bells
• Cherries
• Double Bars
• Triple Bars
• Diamonds

Diamond Dreams Ingame

To try your hand at the Diamond Dreams online slot game, visit the online casino below.

The diamond is wild

In addition to serving as a normal symbol in this online slot game, the diamond serves as a wild symbol as well, as long as it’s on an active payline. When you land this symbol, it will substitute for any other symbol in the game to give you better chances at winning combinations.

There are no scatters

One downside to modern slot game players is that Diamond Dreams does not offer any scatter symbols, free spin rounds or any bonus rounds. This is a lot different than some of the other online slot games on the market that are often trying to lure new players by fancy twists to slot games as well as bonus features that could result in huge prizes. Diamond Dreams is a much simpler game that looks to attract people who like the lure of simplicity and that classic slot game feel.

Diamond Dreams tips and tricks

One of the best ways to get familiar with any new slot game is to try it out for free before risking your own real money. Find an online casino that will allow you to try the Diamond Dreams game out for free first. This way, you can familiar yourself with all the symbols, as well as how the wild symbols and scatter symbols lead to bigger wins and free bonus spins. Once you are completely comfortable and decide you like the game, then you can begin to risk real money.

Diamond Dreams overall summary

Diamond Dreams is an extremely simple online slot game for players to understand. It only has three reels and five paylines. While there is a wild symbol in the game, there is no scatter symbol and no bonus feature game or free spin feature game. Some newer online slot players may not like this simplicity, by BetSoft was looking to create a game that harkens back to the original slot machines at land-based casinos. For players who remember those days, or for players looking for a simple game, Diamond Dreams could be an attractive game to play.