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Ontario budget 2019: What It means for digital gambling

This image shows a dollar billThe Government of Ontario released the 2019 budget on the 11th of April 2019, and the proposals that were included would impact gaming as a whole very significantly and fortunately, rather positively. Many new proposals were discussed at the budget meeting specifically regarding gaming in Canada, namely the effects of single-event sports wagering, online gaming to be legalized in Ontario, expanding and offering more online play options, and charitable fundraising. These proposals will be discussed in greater detail below.

Victor Fedeli, Ontario’s Minister of Finance, reaffirmed the government’s commitment to legalizing single-event sports wagering in Ontario. He stated that Ontario’s Progressive Conservative government needs to be more attuned to that of the United States’ wagering legalities and move more into a modern age. This is easier said than done due to the fact that the Canadian federal government will have to make necessary adjustments to legislations in the Criminal Code.

So what does it mean for Canada

The budget notes indicated that an estimated five hundred million Canadian dollars are spent every year on online gambling and since it is bringing in so much revenue and so many citizens are taking part in it, it would be prudent to legalize it and set secure platforms and legislations in place to protect Canadian players. This allows players to be more open about their online habits to authorities and make safer decisions for their choices in gaming platforms.

There are legalized gambling options in Canada but to safeguard citizens and to regulate gambling habits it was also proposed that play options be expanded to include more products. The first proposal suggested that Ontario casinos be allowed to advertise complimentary alcohol. The second is to make lotto tickets more accessible and easier to come by, and finally, allowing clients to purchase certain products using their smartphones. All three of these suggestions were positively accepted by the Canadian public.

How is this change brought about

One of the greatest factors that can persuade people to agree on these types of proposals is the potential charitable fund-raising that can be raised for organizations in need. It is expected that over four million Canadian dollars can be raised for charitable foundations in Canada just through the implementation of these proposals.

There has been and there probably always will be a large debate regarding online gaming in Canada. Some parties are all for it as it can bring in a large amount of revenue into the country and raise a large amount of charitable funds. But there will always be conservative parties that are against the practice of online gaming and what it stands for.

The proposals seemed positive and it appeared that a large sector of the government positively agreed for the proposals, but the changing of the legislations can take a fair amount of time before these proposals can be legalized.

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