Best payout online casino sites – Here they are

Casino payoutsWhen it comes to determining the best paying online casinos for Canadian players, the objectives are obvious. The more the casino pay percentagewise, the greater is the benefit to the members of the casino. This is why some of the most reputable online casinos will have a payout percentage of at least 96% and better with some of them paying out as much as 98%. The reality for Canadian online gamblers is that they are using their hard earned real money and it is their responsibility to ensure that they will generate the most of it. This is why research is very important in order to determine for yourself which online casinos have clearly demonstrated that they have the interest of their members. To make your life easier, my team has done the research for you and reliable sites are presented in the following table. There you will also see some of their promotional offers.

  • Mobile App
    Apple and Android icons
  • Rating
  • Bonus
  • Huge promtions
  • Many mobile games
  • Great usability
Provider Rating Offer Mobile App Bonus Review To the website
Playamo casino logo 96%
  • Top games
  • Fast withdrawals
  • Many promotions
Apple and Android icons C$1500 Playamo review Play now!
The Spin Casino logo in 150x38 pixel 94%
  • Huge game selection
  • Fast payments
  • 24/7 support
Apple and Android icons C$1000 Spin Casino review Play now!
The third All Slots logo 92%
  • Hundreds of slots
  • High payout rates
  • Great live center
Apple and Android icons C$1500 All Slots review Play now!
A third Royal Vegas logo 90%
  • Great customer service
  • Modern games
  • Progressive jackpots
Apple and Android icons C$1200 Royal Vegas review Play now!
The third Europalace logo 89%
  • Great welcome offer
  • Many table games
  • Fast live chat
Apple and Android icons C$600 Europalace review Play now!
Image that shows the 888Casino logo 88%
  • Reliable provider
  • Award winning site
  • Fun games
Apple and Android icons C$140 888 Casino review Play now!
The small Leovegas logo 86%
  • Award winning site
  • Great mobile experience
  • Top games
Apple and Android icons C$1000 Leo Vegas Casino review Play now!
The last Royal Panda logo 85%
  • Many promotions
  • Fast & secure payments
  • Many Top slots
Apple and Android icons C$100 Royal Panda review Play now!
The 3rd Bodog Logo 83%
  • Modern live center
  • Great payout rates
  • Good mobile site
Apple and Android icons C$600 Bodog review Play now!

High paying games at Playamo

When it comes to slots games, each game has varying payouts at Playamo, with that 97.47% return to player rate serving as an average across those games. The return to player rate is calculated over a massive sample size, meaning that players could experience higher or lower returns during the smaller sample sizes that they are playing slots in.

Table games have varying payouts depending on the types of wagers that players choose to make. For example, playing roulette means countless wager types that could have vastly different odds and payouts. And winning in blackjack depends entirely on a player’s ability to decide when to hit and stand with their cards relative to what the dealer is showing. These games tend to have higher variance than the more rigid slots payouts, but can be more beneficial to skilled players in a number of cases.

As a casino, Playamo has competitive payout rates, which is good for any avid casino player to know before they sign up for an account. The site has an overall payout rate of 97.47%, which of course can vary based on what games are being played and how a player opts to perform their wagers.

Bob Casino offers attractive games too

Bob Casino offers both slots and table games for its players, with a live casino component to be had as well. And with all of those games come different payout rates depending on what a player chooses to compete in. When it comes to the slots offerings at Bob Casino, an overall payout rate of 97.32% can be expected.

It should be noted that slot payout rates depend largely on which games a player is taking part in. Some of the games are more generous than others, with some of the more popular games that are pop-culture themed typically offering smaller payout rates. But as a whole, over an extended sample size, the 97.32% rate is what is expected out of Bob Casino. With jackpot payouts and other huge wins factoring into that rate, your results may vary on the slots.

On the tables, players at Bob Casino are more in control of their destiny, which can be a good or bad thing depending on how skilled they are at the games they are taking part in. Knowing the strategy of each table game before playing is crucial for boosting a player’s odds of winning, as is managing bet sizes to give the player the best chance to yield a profit, which you can withdrawal via one of the following payment methods.

Payment method Fee Processing time Limits per transaction
A small image that shows the VISA logo Free 1-3 banking days Min. C$20/Max. C$4,000
The Mastercard logo with transparent background Free 1-3 banking days Min. C$20/Max. C$4,000
The Skrill logo with transparent background Free Instant Min. C$20/Max. C$4,000
This image shows the Neteller logo Free Instant Min. C$20/Max. C$4,000
The Trustly logo with transparent background Free Instant Min. C$20/Max. C$4,000
Here you can see the Paysafecard logo with transparent background Free Instant Min. C$20/Max. C$4,000
This image shows the Bank Transfer lofo with transparent background Free 1-5 banking days Min. C$500/Max. C$4,000

This is the Bob Casino logo in 300x60


The payout rates of Betchan

Betchan has both slot and table games up for grabs for its players, with a 96.56% payout rate on the slots portion of the site. With so many factors that go into determining a sitewide payout rate, it is worth going into detail to make sure players know what they are up against when they start spinning or otherwise playing at the site.

Each slots game has a different payout rate, which can either be found from the game directly or by looking up each game for more information. Some games have higher payout percentages than the sitewide value, while some are lower on that spectrum. Being able to figure out where your favorite games stand on that scale can be valuable for players looking to find opportunities for above average profit opportunities on a site.

On the tables, the payouts can be a bit murkier, as players have a direct impact on the results of each game. For example, hitting on 16 in blackjack can either salvage or torpedo the chances of winning a hand depending on where things stand against the dealer. Therefore, it is virtually impossible to calculate payout rates for table games. But the best way to maximize the chance of winning on the tables is to make sure that you know the rules and have a strategy for those games. 

Payout rates are a big part of the gambling experience, but there is more to it, like a downside such as technical errors or general questions. If these things occur one can easily contact the Betchan customer service, for example via one of the following communication channels.

Telephone: E-Mail: Livechat:
Is not available Unfortunately there is no E-Mail communication channel A livechat is available

Important characteristics of Spin Casino

Spin Casino offers its players games in the slot, table, and live casino arenas. They have an average payout rate of 97%, which is roughly what you will find across the online casino industry from a slots perspective. But there are some things to take into account when playing slots or table games that could impact that rate.

For slot games, it should be taken into account that the payout rates for each game can vary. Some games offer better payout rates than others, and those payout rates are meant to be considered over a large sample size. While your $20 at the slots might not be returned, or could result in a jackpot win, the percentage is meant to be an average over the course of time.

Table games function a little differently, in that the input that players have on each hand or round of play can impact a player’s payout probability. Take blackjack, for example, where players are given the choice to hit or stand on each hand, often reacting to the cards that the dealer is showing. Knowing how to navigate those situations is the difference between maximizing win probability and seeing that probability take a hit.

Security of payment methods

Some security aspects of online casino payment methodsMany people have become victims of online fraud over the last couple of years and this is why most people have come to understand that your chances of becoming a victim, increases the more you share your personal information online.

This is why alternative payment processes which are able to eliminate the sharing of information has proven themselves to be substantially more secure, because the unnecessary sharing of information is no longer necessary, making this payment method significantly more secure than any other method of transfer.

This is why people who are frequently required to transfer money from their account to someone else’s account should take the time to research alternative payment methods. This will especially apply to casino members who desire to make safe and secure deposits into their casino account.

Any gambler who may be interested in bank wire deposits specifically for use in their online casino account should therefore have at least some basic knowledge of wire transfers. Any experienced gambler or business person will be able to tell you that there are many benefits and also some downsides to wire transfers and it is actually one of the oldest ways to use when transferring money from one account to another. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of this method?

Further, Canadian players may have become a victim because they wanted faster payouts and therefore relied on services that did not have good intentions. As matter of fact the duration of a payout is an important subject to most of the Canadian players.

Information about the costs and fees

The various financial institutions each have rates which slightly vary depending on the specific service which is offered to their customers. Likewise, online casinos may also charge a minimal fee when deposits are made via credit or debit cards, such as VISA.

In most cases bank transfers are treated somewhat differently and some real money transfers will be significantly more expensive than others and especially international transfers can be very costly. Also, outgoing transfers are also more expensive than incoming transfers and these factors will have to be considered when these methods are used.

The third Betchan logo


Wide range of methods that players in Canada can use

There are many options available to gambling enthusiasts as you can see here and likewise there are many casinos who will go out of their way to accommodate people. Many of them will support a whole range of payment methods in order to make it as easy as possible for casino members to make both deposits and instant withdrawal casino processes. Some Canadian online casinos and financial institutions have proven themselves to be more user-friendly and accommodating than others and some research may be required to find those services best suitable to your individual needs.

However, it is clear that a site that claims to payout with out seeing an ID card of the player is most definitely a fraud and does not act reliable. Further, experiences show that if a withdrawal has been requested before the weekend, the deposit for example of a jackpot winning might take some days longer and Canadian players must keep in mind that this does not mean that the payout is declined.

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