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The Paypal logo in 220x79Online casinos brought with them a fresh set of problems – as all the transactions were done online, players could not help but were wary of making online payments due to internet fraud and phishing. However, there is a silver lining to every cloud and for the online casino with Paypal players, the silver lining came in the form of PayPal – a system that allows the players to transfer and receive money online without the hassles of the traditional banking methods. It’s faster, safer and without a doubt, the best method of exchanging payments in today’s day and age. However, there aren`t many sites that accept it, therefore take a look at the following table and find many sites that accept secure deposits and withdrawals through Paypal.

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  • Many promotions
Provider Rating Offer Mobile App Bonus Review To the website
The small Bob Casino logo 96%
  • Great mobile experience
  • Top customer support
  • Loyalty club
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The Betchan logo_2 94%
  • Huge Jackpot games
  • Live Casino
  • Bitcoin games
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The Spin Casino logo in 150x38 pixel 92%
  • Huge game selection
  • Fast payments
  • 24/7 support
Apple and Android icons C$1000 Spin Casino review Play now!
The small Karamba logo_1 90%
  • Funny games
  • Great support
  • Reliabe site
Apple and Android icons C$200 Karamba Casino review Play now!
The small Jackpot City logo 89%
  • Huge promtions
  • Many mobile games
  • Great usability
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Image that shows the 888Casino logo 88%
  • Reliable provider
  • Award winning site
  • Fun games
Apple and Android icons C$140 888 Casino review Play now!
The small Leovegas logo 86%
  • Award winning site
  • Great mobile experience
  • Top games
Apple and Android icons C$1000 Leo Vegas Casino review Play now!
The third Playojo logo 86%
  • Entertaing games
  • Many promotions
  • Loyalty club
Apple and Android icons 100% PlayOJO Casino review Play now!

Operators usually offer attractive promotions

Online gambling sites that accept Paypal for Canadian players are an extremely lucrative industry with cut throat competition – the operators pull all stops to attract new subscribers as well as to retain the gamers. The online casino operators usually offer attractive bonuses, prize moneys, jackpots and other irresistible offers intended not only to make your online gaming experience memorable, but also profitable.

The best promotional incentive that the PayPal casinos offer is the fact that you can play at these online casinos without the fear of having to divulge either your bank account or credit card details. PayPal has a mobile app too and hence players using the online casino mobile apps too prefer those operators which accept PayPal payments.

The gamers can transfer funds and make online casino PayPal deposits on the move or if they need to, even withdraw their winnings and send them to their PayPal accounts. For additional mobile security PayPal has a PIN which needs to be entered every time you wish to login through your mobile – thereby providing another safety net against internet fraud as far as the users are concerned. Players are also concerned with the fees they might have to pay when they use a payment method, with regards to Paypal players have to be aware of the following costs.

Action Fee
Sending money C$0.30
Receiving money C$0.30
Charge per Credit Card C$0.30
Charge per Bank transfer C$0.30
Charge per Prepaid card Not possible

The most relevant Pros and Cons of the method

Many online casinos accept PayPal, where casino betting is legal. And with PayPal being such a popular method of payment across the world, there are plenty of reasons to use a PayPal-friendly casino to perform deposits and withdrawals. There are both pros and cons to using PayPal as a funding method for casino gaming.

On the pros side, the convenience of PayPal is arguably at the top of the list. With PayPal, you can login to your account, verify that you want to perform the transaction that you have started on the casino site of your choice, and finish that transaction quickly and easily. You don’t need to remember a card number, worry about overdrafting your account, or anything that could happen with credit and debit card transactions.

Also a positive of using PayPal is the fact that transactions are typically carried out instantly. PayPal is meant to be an instant method of payment whether you are funding a casino account or sending a friend some cash to cover your portion of the bar tab. That works out great for players who don’t want to have to wait to start playing at a PayPal-friendly casino.

On the negative side is the fact that PayPal isn’t as ubiquitous as other funding methods. Credit cards and other eWallets tend to be more commonly accepted in the online casino industry. But as long as you take a look ahead of time to make sure that the casino you want to use accepts PayPal, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

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    Paypal has a great usability

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    Transactions are very fast

  • null

    Not every site accepts it

  • null

    Paypal customer service has no Livechat

Regulation of an online casino with Paypal

The biggest worry that any novice to online casinos experiences has, is the apprehension of funding the casino account online. The question with regards to the safety of personal and financial information plagues every new Canadian player along with doubts of how the casino is regulated. There are a number of regulatory bodies governing online casinos all over the world, but the most reputed and well know is eCOGRA (eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance). This organization does not work for a profit, but strives to identify casinos that are safe for the players and do not commit fraud.

They have a strict regulatory code and only those casinos which meet their demanding standards are issued the eCOGRA seal of approval. The best thing about this organization is that they continue keeping a regulatory eye on the Paypal casino even after the seal has been issued to ensure that the casinos do not default in any way. The eCOGRA seal is always displayed on the homepage of the online casino at the bottom. Furthermore, every online casino with Paypal has to procure a gambling license from any of the following 5 licensing authorities: Antigua and Barbuda, Malta, Gibraltar, Curaçao and Kahnawake. 

Even though it seems kind of odd for an online Paypal casino based in Europe to have a license issued by a regulatory body in these unheard of countries, this should not be a cause for concern as it only indicates that the casino has simply established a base outside its home country for tax purposes. Based on this information you are ready to join a site, but as stated above Paypal isn`t widely accepted, therefore you can look at the following site and see whether you can enjoy yourself there as well.

The third Betchan logo


Choose a game with favourable odds

Slots, also known as “fruit machines” in the UK or “pokies” in Australia, have generated the highest revenues not only in land based casinos but also at the online casinos. All the slot machines have one common element – the random number generator (RNG). As soon as a coin is inserted in the machine, it starts generating numbers at supersonic speed. At times, a machine can go for years without anyone hitting a jackpot and at other times, there could 2-3 jackpots in a single day.

The LeoVegas platform offers many great games

Its all a matter of choosing a game with favorable odds. However, there are so many permutations nowadays that it is next to impossible to figure out the odds. Every player aims at selecting a game with the highest payback. At the land based casinos, slot machines are inadvertently placed in such a way so that players walking in and out can immediately see if someone hits a jackpot.

Choose a high roller program

Wikipedia defines a high roller (also known as a “whale” in casino jargon) as “a gambler who wagers large amounts of money” The mindset of a high roller, be it at land based casinos or online casinos, is the same – in fact, its easier to become a part of the VIP club at online casinos than at land based casinos where you have to bet at least $20,000 per stake to get enrolled in a high roller program as against a single C$1,000 bet at online casinos.

How much money a Canadian player bet in a single session and how often Canadian players bet are the two main deciding factors to get instant access to high roller programs. None of the online casinos cater exclusively to high rollers as most of their money comes from regular players. However the casinos do offer some benefits to the high rollers:

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    Generous bonuses (up to $ 10,000)

  • null

    No transaction fees

  • null

    Exclusive awards like holidays, etc

It is important to remember that once become a part of the high roller program, you need to keep playing the high stakes to stay there. Obviously that program consists of some advantages just like the Paypal payment method. But it is improtant to keep the disadvantages in mind too.

Relax from time to time

Innumerable players in Canada enjoy gambling in some form or other daily – right from betting at their favorite sport to poker. Gambling has, undoubtedly, become another form of entertainment, albeit one where you can make a lot of money. It is important to play responsibly as the chances of losing cannot be overlooked. Taking a break and relaxing from time to time, therefore, becomes necessary.

It is good to take a break and relax when:

You are not enjoying yourself – Gambling, as mentioned before, is a source of fun and entertainment and hence if you are not having fun, there is no sense in pushing yourself just for the sake of gambling. It doesn`t need to be a long break – but you do need time to recharge yourself and get your mind alert to play the numbers well.

It starts affecting your social life – If staying at home to play your favorite online casino games becomes more important to you than going out with friends or if you not choose to attend a social event simply because the timings slashed with your online gaming – its definitely time to take a break. Playing at a new site or a site in general is a hobby, but it starts controlling your life, you need to stop as it could become an addiction – that is a very fine line and very difficult to ascertain when you cross it.

You start losing – Winning is good, but you should be prepared for losing as well. Happens to the best Canadian gamblers from time to time and losing doesn`t need to reflect on your skills as a gambler – after all this is a game of chance and every form of gambling is a matter of luck. You need to be very careful when the losing streak starts as it could get out of control and you could end up losing a lot of money. Hence, this is a good time to take a break.

You hit a big win – The chances of you taking a break after hitting a big win are very slim as you will want to try and play even more and win bigger – absolutely nothing wrong with that, but it would be prudent to step back and relax for some time. You may end up losing all that you have won if you try your hand at playing a bigger stake.

In a online casino with Paypal the overall expenses are far lesser than the land based casinos, payback is also bigger. Sadly, there is no way a gamer can figure out the slots or even devise some tricks or strategy to beat the odds, but players can test their luck on a site that accepts serious payment methods, just like this one.

LeoVegas logo in 300x60 pixel


No substance abuse during play

Gambling, despite its popularity not only in the US, Canada but also for example in Ireland or elsewhere in the world, has the power to ruin lives. Just like a drug or alcohol problem, gambling too can cause devastation and hence often go together – both give the user an euphoric high – giving them a sense of power.

However, its advisable to stay clear of any kind of substance abuse while you are gambling for the simple reason that you need to concentrate all your faculties on the task at hand – if you are intoxicated or on a drug, the chances of making mistakes are more leading to losing your money – which will push you to bet more and more in the hope that you will win it all back – just like chasing the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

It can be difficult to refuse a drink or two if you are playing at a live Paypal casino, but not so while playing online from the comforts of your home – there is neither a reason nor an excuse to resort to substance abuse in that case. One wrong decision could ruin you financially as well as socially. Gambling is a fun activity and it should remain so.

One of the most popular methods

There is nothing shady about online casinos that accept Paypal – these are all legitimate businesses so Canadian player money is safe and secure as is your personal information. As long as the operators are licensed and have the eCOGRA seal of approval there is nothing to worry about at all, when it comes to your casino online payment. In addition, if online casinos that accept PayPal deposit, you can be doubly sure that the casino is indeed following the set rules and regulations as, all said and done, PayPal does have exacting standards which are, if not impossible, rather difficult to meet.

Caleb Crosby - Editor in Chief
Online Casinos that accept Paypal offer many great advantages, such as a great usability, low costs and fast withdrawals.

Caleb Crosby, Editor-in-chief