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Pickering Casino Resort set to open in 2020

Some gambling chips and cardsPhase one of construction at the Pickering Casino Resort is officially complete. That means things seem to be on track for the newest Ontario casino resort to open sometime in 2020. Parent company Great Canadian Gaming is hoping to keep to that schedule, as the original opening date was projected to be the end of this year. That hasn’t happened, of course, but things are moving in the right direction in the construction process of Pickering Casino Resort. The company has to be happy about this progress, as the resort was initially expected to open by the end of 2019. Great Canadian Gaming ranks among the largest casino operators in all of Canada, and is looking forward to adding yet another expansive offering in Ontario.

The resort will offer more than just gaming

One of the most exciting parts about the Pickering Casino Resort is that it is set to offer plenty more than just gaming. Of course, casino gaming will be a huge focus of the resort, but there will be plenty of non-gaming entertainment as well. In addition to the normal casino gaming offerings such as slot machines and table games, the resort will have plenty of family-friendly attractions as well. There are also plenty of top dining options that will be offered at the casino, which looks to diversify its revenue and offerings to attract a wide variety of visitors.

In addition to this, Great Canadian Gaming has said the resort will offer nightly musical entertainment. There will be live entertainment, sometimes from some of the top musical acts in the world, to keep guests entertained every day. Speaking of entertainment, the following site can be used if you are looking for some digital entertainment.

The project is creating lots of jobs

As with any construction project, the Pickering Casino Resort project has already created a lot of jobs in the area. Most of these construction jobs are temporary, however, as they will go away once the resort is fully built and opened to the public.

The great part about the Pickering Casino Resort, though, is it is expected to create thousands of jobs once it officially opens. In fact, Great Canadian Gaming has said that it expects the casino will employ at least 2,000 people once the resort is open, and of course, most of those jobs will come go to people from the local surrounding area.

This could provide a huge boost to the local economy of Pickering, Ontario, which could use it. As the resort gets closer to opening, the company has said it will host a few job fairs to introduce themselves to the community and to show them all the job opportunities that could be available to them.

Great Canadian Gaming has also said that it plans to try to keep as many of the jobs local as possible, in an effort to give back to the community in which the resort will be located. In addition, the company has said it will provide a rigorous training program for all new employees that will help prepare them to live the best life possible while they are employed at the company.

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