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Provincial government to allocate money to First Nations

A poker image with a dealer chipFirst Nations in Canada continuously works toward improving the communities around them and also providing the members of their tribes a form of steady income and also reliable employment opportunities. One great thing is that the government of British Columbia has a desire to support First Nations the best it can. To that point, there could be an amendment to the Gaming Control Act that would change the course for the next 23 years. If the proposed changes get the go-ahead, there could be an additional CAD $3 billion worth of allocations by 2045. By being a member of First Nations, each tribal community in British Columbia would have the power to decide how they would spend their allocation.

What is the amendment?

The amendment in question would be to the Gaming Control Act of British Columbia. Effectively, the new law would allow the British Columbia Lottery Corporation to offer regular, ongoing financial support to First Nations. In total, Regional First Nations could receive allocations that could total up to 7% of the net income that BCLC receives.

The amendment would cover a span of 23 years through 2045. At the end of the proposed agreement, it is projected that First Nations in British Columbia could receive about CAD $3 billion worth of net income allocations. This money would come from gaming revenue that is generated by the BCLC, and it will go to the British Columbia First Nations Gaming Revenue Sharing Limited Partnership.

If a tribal community joins the partnership, it would make them eligible for a partial share of the gaming revenue that is brought in by the lottery commission — both from land-based, in-person gambling and also that done online. The British Columbia government passed its 2019 budget last February, during which time they promised First Nations that they would be given allocations on a regular basis.

The allocation for each tribal community

According to the proposed amendment, the minimum annual amount a tribal community could receive would be CAD $500,000. Some of the larger tribal communities could actually be eligible to receive CAD $2 million each year. In a move to show just how serious they are, the British Columbia government already put aside approximately CAD $195 million, which would cover the first two years of the proposed agreement.

The thought behind this early allocation was to show First Nations that the province’s government was serious about changing the laws to benefit the tribal communities. Passing the amendment and putting into place the new arrangement could take some time, so the government wanted to show First Nations they were serious about making it happen.

Each tribal community would have the power to decide where their allocation would be spent. There are six areas that they could spend it on, including local infrastructure, health programs, economic improvement, education programs and fiscal management. In total, there are 203 indigenous communities living in the confines of British Columbia.

This is yet another move by the British Columbian government to support First Nations. Last year, the Premier of the province said they would “bring to life” the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of the Indigenous Peoples. This program would give First Nations more control over development that happens on what is considered their lands.

This new arrangement would certainly benefit First Nations and all tribal communities in British Columbia with revenue from gambling sources in the province. If you want to have some fun with online gambling, check out the online casino below.