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Rick Snyder applies Veto against Michigan Online gambling bill

More casino chipsNow, just like many other parts of the north American continent, and the world at large are bringing down the laws that banned gambling in their territories, the people of the state of Michigan in the United States attempted to do so. But it all seems that their entire hopes have been dashed by the action of the outgoing governor of the state named Rick Snyder. The excitement has been building since last year in different circles, and winners, stakeholders and other interested parties in the online casino world in Michigan believed that the action which they took last year would bear fruit this year. They had encouraged the state legislators to pass a bill that will make online gambling legal in the state. Here, the legalization of both the Native American and individual owned casinos was discussed.

The move that killed spirits

Now, after the bills have been passed by the state legislature, it was taken to the governor to assent to. But a few days before the gentleman left office, he told the press that he has decided to veto the provisions of the bill. This has caused a very considerable amount of anger and rage among the inhabitants of the state. These are mostly people who believe in the fact that the legalization of the online gambling and other forms of gambling activities would help in boosting the revenue stream of their state. It would be recalled that the state in question is just coming out of recession. So the benefit of the bill if assented to would have been enormous.

The real issue

It was leant that there are 3 different bills on the issue of regulation and licensing of online casinos, and that the governor vetoed all of them. The bill also covered the establishment of sports gambling in the state, and they are tagged Bills 4928, 4927, and 4926. In giving the reasons why he made the move, the governor cited the fact that the revenue from the Michigan lottery has been the source of funding for the state schools. Therefore, he does not want anything that will thwart this.

What people are saying

Of course, there are two different groups who are talking about issues relating to the bill. Some who are in favor of the governor’s action praised him for the action he took. However, the proponents and supporters of the bill described it as a very shortsighted move. There are many gambling houses in Michigan already, and there are lots of poker rooms, brick and mortar games, and even racing tracks and bingo halls. However, among all these, the indigenes prefer the state lottery, and this has sold up to 40 billion dollars in tickets.

Canada’s gain

It would be recalled that Canada, which shares borders with the state in question has made a lot of giant strides in making online gambling legal, and they’ve not regretted doing so because the benefits that are coming in from the move are enormous. The trend has been for the players in Michigan to register with the Canadian online casinos and enjoy their games on them. The truth is that if Michigan succeeds in legalizing online casinos or gambling in the state, it would be the first to do this in the Midwest, and majority of the revenue that Canada has been enjoying from the players in the state will come back to it.

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