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The debate over online gambling in Canada rages on

A poker image with a dealer chipThe debate over legal online gambling has raged in Canada for quite a few years now, but the continued increase in activity in this realm has pushed the discussion forward fast. It is not illegal for Canadians to gamble at online casinos — as long as those casinos are based in the country and regulated by the government, or based in another country. If an online casino is based and operated in Canada, the onus is on the company to become licensed — not on the player. Because there aren’t a ton of choices for Canadian-based online casinos, players often turn to overseas sites, thereby funneling money from Canadians to companies in other countries. It’s why more and more people are talking about an increased need for further loosening of gambling laws.

Mobile devices are fueling astronomical growth

The internet obviously made possible the advent of online casinos. Without internet connectivity — and reliable, fast internet connectivity — online casinos wouldn’t be able to operate effectively and efficiently.

But what really vaulted the entire industry forward was the advent of mobile devices that were fast and easy to use. Smartphones and tablets are now the norm instead of the outlier, and people are spending more and more time connected to the internet via these devices no matter where they are.

iGaming developers have taken notice of this trend, and have started to develop some really impressive mobile casino games that are easy to access and play from wherever a person may be. This has caused quite the spike in online casino action from Canadian players, and an even larger sum of revenue being spent overseas. And one of the sites that has recently gained popularity is just one click away.

Will laws loosen in Canada?

Some lawmakers continue to push for loosening of laws that regulate online gambling in Canada as a way to capture this tax revenue that is being wagered in the overseas market. These lawmakers are interested in legalizing single-game sports betting and making it easier for new online casinos to operate independently and legally from within Canada’s borders.

In nearby USA, this is exactly what’s happened in recent years, and states around that country have benefitted tremendously from the additional tax revenue they are seeing. The federal government in the U.S. is benefitting as well.

This is the model that legislators in Canada are seeking to follow. The U.S. federal government has basically put the decision in the hands of each state — allowing them to make their own rules and regulations regarding online gambling and sports gambling, as long as it’s overseen by a government agency.

Those in Canada wish to do the same here, putting the decision-making power in the hands of each province. People who are pushing for these types of laws say the provinces could benefit immensely from the added tax revenue. In addition, these lawmakers say a loosening of gambling laws in the country could add quite a few new jobs for both the new online casino companies and regulatory agencies, which could boost the economy even further.

Good for players, too

In addition to those points, backers of online gambling regulation in Canada say this would be good for Canadian players, too. They’d have more choice — which is always a good thing — plus they could gamble confidently locally, knowing they’d have recourse with local government if something went wrong. While the online gambling debate rages in Canada, you can check out the online casino below.