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The future of iGaming in Canada is bright

The fourth poker imageThe landscape of iGaming has changed dramatically already over the last few years. Online gambling in general has grown in popularity, and as a result, iGaming developers are working hard to create new offerings that are fun, exciting and unique to this changing demographic of players. Where traditional online slot games were the norm not long ago, today, players expect online slot games that have more paylines, wilds, scatters and bonus games that can bring back huge payouts. No longer do online casino players want to simply experience what they could play at a land-based casino. Instead, they want a unique experience that they could only get from an online casino. There have been so many changes in the industry already, but even more are expected in the Canadian landscape in the future.

Canada is home to smart companies

Some of the world’s leading technology companies and financial startups are making the decision to locate in Canada. From Toronto on the East to Vancouver on the West, Canada is proving to be a haven for tech and finance companies that are looking to make their mark not only in this country but across the globe.

Not only is Canada home to a wealth of fintech startup companies, but it is also home to technology companies that are pioneering inventions in the world of Artificial Intelligence. In terms of online gambling, AI technology is one part of what is fueling the growth in Live Casino offerings that allow players to experience online casinos as if they were actually playing at a land-based casino.

This AI technology allows players to not only play Live Casino games with a real dealer who is based in a studio, but it also allows them to have a 360-degree view of the Live Casino. This gives players the opportunity to check out multiple tables for multiple games, and then choose which table they’d like to sit at — just as they would at a land-based casino. The following site offers many tables as well and is just one click away.

Growth in online gambling expected to continue

The outlook for Canada’s overall economy is expected to be positive in the next few years. Not surprisingly, when times are good financially, people have more disposable income. And, when they have more disposable income, one place they often use it is to have fun gambling.

In the past, this would mean land-based casinos would reap the benefits of the extra disposable income as players flocked to the facilities to have a good time and try to win some money. Nowadays, though, people can get that same casino experience without leaving the comfort of their own home. As a result, it’s likely that a good portion of this disposable income that’s wagered at casinos will be done online and not at land-based casinos.

As Canada’s government continues to debate whether to expand online gambling offerings and relax the laws on regulation, it’s possible that these land-based casinos could still profit from the extra money being wagered. If the nation’s government allows it, it’s possible for the land-based casinos to offer full-fledged online casino gambling as well, as a way to keep the money wagered in Canada instead of watching it flock out to online casinos based in other countries. To get in on all the fun and action now, check out the online casino below.