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The Tales of Dr Dolittle finally reaches the digital gambling scene

This image shows the triple 7When your fondest memories of the sweet Dr. Dolittle are brought to life in a scenario that touches both your imagination and your bank account, you have to kind of wonder, is Mother Nature speaking to you or are you speaking to her qualities. Dr Dolittle has been a movie hit for almost everyone and anyone who has ever watched the blockbuster scene, can finally look forward to this recreation at leading Canadian online casinos. To give you an insight to it all, here is what you need to know about this new online video slot release. When it comes to modernized video slots, especially ones based on movies, we have high expectations of what should be delivered.

Design and layout

Thankfully Dr Dolittle has this wrapped up and under control. Developed by one of the top gaming software developers in the industry, this Quickspin release has been designed with 5 reels and 25 paylines. Being a more modernized slot grants players access to more winning combinations and fun features.

The fairytale behind the casino

While we bask in the pure enjoyment of one of the most anticipated movie releases hitting the realm of online video slots, we have to remember that the reason why this movie was a hit was courtesy of its mysterious and fantastical storyline. Now, over two decades later, Quickspin has managed to recreate a number of mysterious features which we once believed only our inner child could imagine. With that being said, here is what you can expect from Quickspin’s most spoken about creation.

The logistics

As with every dream comes the reality. Quickspin however, they managed to create something magically enhanced through the development of 5 reels and 25 paylines. The magic themed video slot extends its enchantment through a number of bonus features, special symbols and winning combinations. One of the most attractive features of the animal loving themed video slot includes a number of re-spins, thereafter you are also rewarded with additional generous bonuses which include multipliers and other animal loving crazed features.

More about Quickspin

Quickspin has been one of the most reputable brands in the gaming realm recently due to the gaming provider keen attention to detail, player’s preference and mobile accessibility. Thanks to modern technology adopted by the gaming corporate giant, there has been a substantial addition to games added to the already thriving database. Dr Dolittle is one of two additions by the gaming provider to hit international headlines in 2019. This alone speaks volumes for the recent gaming sensation and players are thriving on the perks of the game.

Bonus features

Taking a more animalistic view into the crazy and fanatic realm of onus features created by a leading brand, we already know there are bountiful rewards through a myriad of amusing scenes. Each winning combination allows the player the advantage of locked symbols which trigger re-spins. Throughout this round players are granted the opportunity of adding to this winning streak throughout the re-spins and also have the ability of reactivating these free spins.

Finally, in addition to the bonus round, a total of 10 free spins can easily be claimed by players willing to connect with their inner animal whisperer. Wilds are sure to appear during this round and additional winnings are easily gained without the help of Eddie Murphy. Dr Dolittle is one of the funniest, innovative and creative video slots to have been brought into the slots industry in 2019.

With that being said, it only remains to be asked, can you seek the innovative intuition Quickspin is offering you or do you need the clairvoyant and intuitive nature Eddie Murphy possessed in the comedy film which was a massive success in 1998 and now a gaming hit in 2019. If you want to know more and experience a great online casino, take a look at the following site.