Casino tips in a nutshell

A new 777 slot imageGambling has been an intrinsic part of human nature since the beginning. The forms and wagers were no doubt different than what one sees today, but the basic concept has definitely traversed across time. Land based casinos – with their flashy lights, jingling sounds of the slot machines. Dealer calls – in fact the entire package – never fail to wow the visitors even today. Then there are the online casinos, which strive to bring the whole casino experience to your home. An Canadian online casino player is certainly spoilt for choice as the number of internet based casinos is vast – really vast – and it appears to be increasing at a fast pace. Some of the sites below weren`t there a couple of years ago. Fortuntaley, they are now. Just take a look at them and find out why.

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How to choose the right Casino site

This website has given a short glimpse of information about online casinos in Canada. Therefore this paragraph provides more information and covers important aspects of these gambling sites. Online casinos can be broadly categorized into three distinct categories:

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    Instant – where you can start playing online right away

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    Downloadable – where you need to download the software on your computer

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    Mobile sites – where the online casino app has to be downloaded on your handset

Today, there are innumerable online casinos, which is actually a boon for the players since the operators are always competing with each other to woo them by various offers, viz, welcome bonus, no deposit bonus, monthly jackpot, etc. Some of the online casinos go as far as offering exotic vacations to their high rolling players or even tickets to their favorite games.

However, it is always advisable to do your homework before signing up at an online casino as its your hard earned money that you are going to wager. Following are some pointers that need to be taken into consideration whilst choosing a casino :

Reputation: The good and the bad always happen to go together. On one hand there are countless online casinos which are safe and secure and on the other, there are those who only objective is to dupe unsuspecting players. It is not enough to simply rely on hearsay, rather its best to do your own research and find out as much about an online casino as you can before signing up. There are specific websites which give critical and unbiased reviews of online casinos – these are quite helpful. Also important is to find out about the casinos rules and regulations, games offered and last but not the least, the customer service record and speed with respect to payouts.

Licensing: You need to check and verify the registration and licensing authority of the online casino. Information regarding this is widely available on the internet and there is absolutely no reason or excuse to claim ignorance where the licensing is concerned. The seals are also displayed on the website so you will have a good idea if the operator has received the license from a reputed authority. Gamers should avoid those sites which have received their gaming license from unheard of places.

Website security: As an Canadian online player, it is important to ensure that the casinos are safe and secure and that is possible by finding out which companies have developed the software. The best and most secure casino software developers are Playtech, NetEnt and Microgaming. These developers are extremely reputed and their gaming software is always embedded with 128-bit SSL encryption with firewalls which are impossible to breach. The eCOGRA seal is also an indication of the sites secure nature.

Promotions and bonus: The promotional packages of online casinos in Canada and bonus being offered by the operator should also be taken into account while zeroing in on an online casino. Most casinos offer a welcome bonus, loyalty bonus as well as extra freebies for the high rollers. However, it is important to understand all the rules with regards to promotions and bonuses so that you do not miss any.

Games being offered: Before selecting an online casino and making your payment, you need to be clear about the kind of games that you wish to play. While some online casinos offer a wide range of games, the others offer just 1-2 games. The online casinos always have a listing of the games that can be played and it is to your benefit to go through the list before making your choice. In fact some online casinos even offer a free no deposit bonus to help you get a feel of the games without making the initial payment itself.

Banking: An online casino is a business and like any other business, the main objective is to make a profit and that is the reason why it is easier to make a deposit into your casino account than it is to actually withdraw your winnings (with a cap on the amount that can be withdrawn in one transaction). You need to do your homework on this. The well-established sites are financially secure as well and withdrawals are usually prompt and easy.

These are just some of the major issues that you need to take into account while selecting an online casino. If you any doubts, please get them cleared by speaking to customer support and then make your payments.

How hints can help

After having done your homework on online casinos and having registered at one too, it would be prudent to go over the following casino tips which will enhance your gaming experience and may also help you win.

It is important to play within a set budget. Before you start, decide how much you want to wager during that session and stick to it, eg. If your budget for the day is $25 – bet smaller amounts at different games – this is add variety and keep your interest alive as well. However, if you start losing, it would be best to stop for the day instead of trying to win it all back.

Stay on the lookout for progressive jackpots as that is the best way of winning large amounts of money at one shot.

Playing games with the best odds is another sure shot way of winning big prize moneys. Slots are no doubt fun, but the big wins lie at the card games.

Online casinos offer more promotions and bonuses than the land based casinos do. Keep a watch for the big bonuses to increase your money manifold and for promotions like free games and various other perks. Without a doubt, those were some great tipps for every Canadian player.

Best practices of depositing money

After having selected a casino and enjoyed the free practice sessions as well, you take the decision to enroll at the casino – then comes the next step of making your payment. Transferring money online does make a lot of people apprehensive especially with so many cases of online fraud and phishing. Casinos offers various options of making payments, like direct bank transfers, eWallets, credit/debit cards, cheque payments. You need to select one that you are most comfortable with, while taking into account that the withdrawals will also be made back to the same account.

LeoVegas accepts many userfriendly payments and processes transactions fast

Deposit: The swiftest and the most common method for making deposits is via a credit/debit card. The payment reflects immediately in your casino account and you can start playing as soon as that happens. However, with credit cards you need to take into consideration that you are drawing a line of credit on an existing credit – the interest is rather high too. With debit cards on the other hand, there is no fear of over spending as you can transfer only how much is available in your bank account and not more.

There are a lot of PayPal casinos as well as other eWallet options like Skrill and Neteller. With these methods, you do not have to furnish your credit/debit card or bank details to the casino. Payment made via eWallets is also immediate. You also have the option of transferring money directly from your bank account to the casino’s bank account.

After having selected your payment option, it is just a matter of filling in all requested details and initiating the transfer. Filling up the details is a one-time exercise and all future deposits are faster and absolutely hassle free.

How to withdraw your wins from gambling sites?

When it comes to withdrawals, casinos are not as quick as one would like them to be. Some of the casinos offer reverse withdrawals as the operators believe it’s beneficial to the customers – on the contrary. Reverse withdrawals is a system where the casinos move your funds to a side account – you still have access to it or if you change your mind vis-à-vis the withdrawal, you have the right to reverse your decision. This is just one of the tricks used by the operators to entice you to play more and blow up your winnings. Its best to stay clear of casinos which offer only reverse withdrawals. If you registered at a site that does not offer reverse withdrawals, your withdrawal process should look like this, if you use the VISA credit card.

How players make a deposit via their VISA accountCasinos that offer manual flushing on the other hand move your winnings into a separate withdrawal account thereby giving you immediate access to the money. Its your call whether you wish to play further or cash out. Withdrawal is not a problem as long as you have submitted the required details to the casino. Withdrawals are always credited back to the account from where the payment was received – this could be your bank account, credit/debit card or even your eWallet account – and takes around 3-5 working days to be processed once the withdrawal request is submitted. Even though, some casinos allow withdrawals to another account as well, the process is quite cumbersome and not advisable at all.

Master the mindset for playing

Winning and winning big is the main objective of any casino player – the bets keep increasing, the slot machines keep ringing and the dealer never stops calling out cards. Every player believes he can beat the machines – thinks he has cracked the algorithm, but that is never the case. You should always take a minute or two and ask yourself, are you really control or is the game controlling you?

Truth is, the RNG happens the moment the lever is pulled, but the machine takes it time in spinning and displaying the same in order to keep the interest of the players alive and to build the suspense. The machines are not rigged – far from it – just do not expect to hit a jackpot every time you press the button. Poker or the roulette on the other hand are the thinking gamblers’ games.

Positive mind and visualization is something most successful gamblers swear by. Players with a positive mind tend to at the brighter side even in the grimmest of situations – this helps them concentrate better and stay on top of things without losing control. Secondly have the power of visualization, helps the players visualize themselves as winners – they block out any thoughts of losing and concentrate only on winning. The mind is channelized to win and win it does.

Let’s talk about the slot machines – flashy, fast and always spinning. It does not take much to insert a coin and pull a lever. Theres nothing to think or calculate as the machine is doing this all by itself – random number generation (RNG), whereby the machine pulls up any 3 random numbers or cards or pictures and displays them, this is also done to avoid fraud.

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Don’t let the game control you

“Winners never quit and quitters never win” – this should never be your mantra while playing at online casinos. Do not let the game control you – remember gambling is entertaining, but it can soon become addictive. It is in your interest to set a goal and cash out when you reach it. No doubt gambling is fun and a good way to make a little extra cash on the side, but it has a dark side too and that line is very fine, even at the best online casino in Canada. Nobody likes to lose and hence it is best to quit while you are winning.

Caleb Crosby - Editor in Chief
This article has presented the most important Online Casino tips. They can help you to eventually hit the jackpot.

Caleb Crosby, Editor-in-chief