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What Freedom’s Customer data leak could mean

A big win at a slot machineFreedom Mobile, a telecommunications provider in Canada, was recently warned of a breach in data that could expose the sensitive information of its thousands of users. The Calgary-based, low-cost mobile provider that operates networks in some of the biggest regions in the country, including Alberta and Ontario, was notified of the security issue by researchers at vpnMentor, who also notified the media. We wonder how this all affects the online casino industry in the region. Mentor researchers said they had access to the Freedom Mobile database saying it was completely unprotected and unencrypted. Freedom Mobile is Canada’s fourth-largest telecommunications company. The database held sensitive information from Freedom Mobile’s customers, including email addresses, IP addresses, home addresses, account numbers, and customer service records, to name a few. The researchers also warned that unencrypted data like credit card numbers, security codes and credit scores from various credit services were also exposed.

The breach could affect up to 1.5 million customers

vpnMentor has stated that this breach could affect up to 1.5 million Freedom Mobile customers and that they had access to more than five million records. The exact number of how many individuals were involved is unknown. While the research team had access to the information, they did not download the database for ethical reasons. The leak was discovered on 17 April 2019, although Freedom Mobile only responded a week later on 24 April 2019. The leak was plugged on the same day.

Freedom Mobile hits back

Freedom Mobile also claimed the estimated 1.5 million figure is ‘inaccurate’ and that the breach would affect around 15,000 customers. According to Freedom Mobile, the breach occurred due to Apptium Technologies, a third-party company. The breach involved 17 retail stores around the country. The information was accessed through customers who opened accounts or changed account details at the aforementioned retail stores.

The company also said that evidence is sparse that any of the exposed data has been misused and no proof that its internal systems have been compromised. According to a representative of Freedom Mobile, the data of approximately 15,000 customers were affected and that customers will be provided with the best solution to suit their needs.

Private sector privacy laws

Valerie Lawton, a spokesperson for the federal privacy commissioner’s office, said they received the breach report based on Canada’s federal private sector privacy law but could not provide further details at this time.

Under this law, private-sector organisations that require consumer’s personal information must report any breach that could pose as a potential risk to individuals, notify those affected and keep records of the breach. That said, Canada’s law provides more flexibility than European law when it comes to when this information must be reported.

Not the only security breach

This is also not the only major data breach to come to light in April. Binance, a leading cryptocurrency trading platform, also revealed a recent security breach, which lead to the theft of over 7,000 Bitcoin, worth an estimated $41 million. However, the company has announced that it intends to absorb the theft so customers won’t be affected. The investigation into the full extent of the Freedom Mobile security breach continues.

We have yet to see if there’ll be any ripple effect on the online casino industry in Canada. As of yet, there’s no word of this being a threat in the current. If you want to know more and experience a great online casino, take a look at the following site.