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Woman hits $1.8 million jackpot from Smoke Signals slot game

This image shows the triple 7Everyone who plays slot machines or gambles at a casino dreams of hitting it big. When they pull the reel, push the button or take another card, they are waiting with baited breath to see if their wager will pay off. This feeling of excitement about the possibility of a big payday is what keeps people coming back to in-person and online casinos alike. This is especially true for players who love slot machines. No one pulls the levers on a slot machine so they can win a standard payout across one or two lines. They are in it for the much bigger payday – to hit the jackpot that can pay out huge paydays beyond their wildest dreams. For one woman, that’s exactly what happened recently.

The Smoke Signals jackpot

The Golden Horse Casino in Lloydminster was the center of excitement when Brenda Lloyd hit a huge jackpot recently. Lloyd was playing the Smoke Signals slot machine in Lloydminster, a town in Alberta about roughly three hours east of Edmonton, when she did the unthinkable: She hit the jackpot!
The jackpot on Smoke Signals pays out a minimum of $1 million and pays out some lucky player before it progresses to $2 million. Lloyd cashed in for almost the top possible prize, as she won more than $1.8 million from the Smoke Signals jackpot.

Lloyd told local media outlets that she didn’t even realize she had won anything at first. Eventually, of course, she realized that she not only one on that particular spin, but she won huge.

Lloyd initially said that she planned to spend some of the money she won from the jackpot to take a family vacation. It’s likely that Lloyd will have plenty of money left over from her winnings after that vacation to take a few more vacations – and do much, much more.

The Smoke Signals slot machine

Brenda Lloyd’s jackpot win at the Smoke Signals slot machine marked the first time that a player won the prize at the Golden Horse Casino. However, this isn’t the first time that the Smoke Signals jackpot has paid out huge winnings to players.

In 2016, Paul Smith of Saskatoon won more than $1.3 million from the Smoke Signals jackpot at the Northern Lights Casino in Saskatchewan. In 2017, Donald Musey of Yorkton won a nearly $1.7 million jackpot from the game at the Painted Hand Casino in Saskatchewan. In 2018, Marlon Weekusk of Onion Lake won more than $1.8 million in the jackpot at the Dakota Dunes Casino in Saskatoon.

Big jackpot wins like these four continue to bring notoriety to slot games such as Smoke Signals and to the casinos and gaming authorities that offer and regulate them. That, in turn, brings more and more players to these casinos who hope to be the next lucky jackpot winner.

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